FinTechs Pandemic Pivot with Cross River CEO Gilles Gade


Hi everyone is Rei and welcome back to kindred casts I'll sitting down today with my friend Jill gave the founder President and CEO of Fintech powerhouse and Unicorn Cross riverbank crossover was started by Jill two, thousand eight as one branch bank located teaneck new. Jersey. At the technology company now, powers companies like affirm circle best a coin based rocket loans stripe of star and transfer wise at are backed by big investment from Ktar, a French battery ventures, Andriessen, and Lyari. Issue over the past twelve years, the firm has grown to three hundred fifty employees providing over thirty billion dollars in loans over eighteen million customers, and during the crisis crossover helps nearly two hundred thousand small businesses would be yuan's through the paycheck protection program, which really puts it in the company of the big banks like Bank of America Vicki Morgan Wells Fargo Right? They're pretty impressive and very helpful to our overall recovery drinks endemic last two years it was named the most innovative bank to work for. Job GonNa try to give you a run for your money on that one here line. But I WANNA wish you. A Happy New Year it's a real pleasure and honor to kick off the year in the Jewish calendar fifty, seven, eighty, one podcast, and as I like to say when you have gone for over five, thousand seven hundred, eighty years, there's downs, ups and Dowse said via a shot at the by pleasure to. Today. It's real pleasure. We've. Meeting of last year's restaurants and and peers of isolation and zooms that in person you're one of my first meetings safety and security and I really wanted to stay closed during this dynamic given how busy you've been thus give everyone a background here because I really think through cross. River. Everyone here is going to get a lens of not only the fintech universe and where. We're going in banking what we've come from, but also what has been going on on the ground during the period in helping so many businesses on Main Street get back on their feet again, and that's really why this is such a story around business and building value but also round helping people around a real heartening narrative that I really wanted to to bring out here to. Tell us how the company was founded. In An Giang aid is a quite an unusual and interesting story towns came to be across different, very ginning. Sure. So I don't want to log on the history because I think the more recent stories much more fascinating just trying to help two hundred, thousand small businesses get back on their feet. As, been. Me Crowley the biggest side, my career and I think probably would be the highlight those anybody spuria stage. So something that's we're very proud of York buster the go back in time. So I came to the United States in Paris fries whenever airs went to school there worked a little bit I was actually analysts that CPR venture capital in Paris. Working on. Some of the first. Time nineteen eighty, nine, hundred ninety in Europe actually, and then crossed the Atlantic came in Nineteen ninety-one go to job at bear stearns I was in International. Working on. Of. Banks insurance companies. So that was my first foray on shown initial services got very fortunate. I. Wide. I landed in finishing the group at bear stearns and our retrospect you gentlemen standing of our God does things and just put. So you know some pebbles along the way that one day you're going to be caught to inspire where you heading in. Then I took a Atas when I got married and I went to learn fouls. Wow Yeah Joe Jr ethics, which is a commentary on the on Jewish law. In companion. I did ask a couple of years came back to of making this time. The only job I could land was open difficult to give back to the market I worked for Barclays Capital. Zoom one of the Thomas Tell you that made you on jump back into banking. More by necessity. With all the day will undoubtedly the feedback I needed to go back to work I. Think. All my life savings where it's only exhausted it's not a life that was prepared to date or the rest of my life. So regretfully, so because it's it's really fascinating as size definitely intellectually stimulating. Question about it but I still enjoy doing it. By the way I still earned every single day studying law in this is something that will stay with me Probably you know for the rest of my life. A lot of good business lessons and haven't company in the home. Absolutely I mean there's definitely a concepts of humility ethics respective others listening to the position particularly respecting the physician and there's always a counterpoint that. Is Truly a hundred centre-right nobody's abso-. Medium. Or these always way and ruth compromise, and this is only a life lesson that is invaluable. And by the way, you know any book that I've Read Entrepreneur and as points to she's. Have successfully led their companies through an exponential organization at goal example, Faisal Volleys. So just running about them under different concept different setting and they're trying to allies them intellectually and then trying to fly them. Businessworld is something that I was very fortunate or being able to do the. So you hundred that's that was very formative for me and trolley in the central step along my travels and my journey in becoming the COO crosser in that like say like the only job I could land at the time was in technology banking and nothing about technology. For aqueous capital. Under Sunday night, who's global head of technology and worked on some Fascinating Tales Global Crossing Iridium satellite network in then work on the transaction war on the computer associates CSC sale merger it was really fascinating to. To work on the technology front been trying in in learning about a new trade and look at this you know like some fifteen years later. It's a rejoinder between technology and banking.

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