Without if Trump gets his way before the United States Supreme Court where he's seeking to strike down


Presidential debate, but that he would ask Trump to take a covert 19 tests before arriving. For it. I'm Eileen Alphandery for news. It's not the election tally that really matters. But Joe Biden to scored something of an upset over President Trump in their dueling town halls. Last night, the Democratic presidential candidate reached more viewers on ABC. Then Trump did for NBC News last night. His event appeared on three different networks. Sarah Walton reports Joe Biden's Thursday night appearance on ABC. Dreux 13.9 Million View is early ratings show President Trump's broadcast on NBC was seen by 10.6 Million on It's a subject the former Apprentice star has commented on frequently. Often congratulating or criticizing news channels and anchors based on their viewing figures. Thie competing town halls were organized after Mr Trump reviews to take polyps in the second presidential debate, which was changed to a virtual event following his Covic 19 diagnosis. I'm Sarah Wilton in New York. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden delivered remarks on his health care plan at a rally in Southfield, Michigan. This afternoon. The swing state of Michigan is currently showing by 54% in the polls there with trumpet 43% in 2016 Trump lost to Hillary Clinton in Michigan Mine vowed to protect affordable care act. The affordable Care act so that Americans could have reduced healthcare costs and access to life saving treatments of prescriptions. He says that 100 million Americans with preexisting conditions where we lie. On the affordable care act will be without if Trump gets his way before the United States Supreme Court where he's seeking to strike down the affordable care act in its entirety. Biden is offering a public option Healthcare plan with lower premiums and deductibles, he says, while also slashing the price of prescription drugs up to 60%. He's also vowing that no one who cannot pay the costs due to the level of income will go without health care coverage. No one who makes less than 400,000 zoology will pay a penny more. You make more than that you're going to start paying at the rate you paid under the administration of George W. Bush. 39.6% has big corporations and the very wealthy didn't pay their fair share for a change chops more than $2 trillion tax cut

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