The iPad Air has a radical new design. But is it worth the hefty new price tag?

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You spent the last few days with the IPAD air. What do you think of this six hundred dollars? While at I thought is this is my favorite ipad of the lineup but that's because I like when something is a good value versus the top features and I feel like this kind of strikes that it reminds me of when the iphone ten are first came out. You know it was like the one that you like, Oh, it's stifled ten, but at a lower price. That being said, I'm very conscious of the fact that like in the past, the pro used used to have a few features that you really couldn't get another ads like pencil support or some keyboard stuff. That's no longer the case. So value I, keep looking back at the eighth Gen IPAD and what it brings to the table and while the IPAD air has USB. Fast looks just like an IPAD pro The IPAD Eighth Jen is basically the twenty nine IPAD air for less. Got It. Got It. So it's still the more basic, the older looking IPAD for you. Still the better bet I think. So now long-term better bet is relative because I also any get into this in the review of Apple's transitioning I, mean the MAC chips are going to be a in their in house stuff does that mean we're going to see mutation with Max and where even ipads go I don't know but in the year now the IPAD air is the at least built to the future with USB see But I think that the you know and also the newer accessories. But, the entry level IPAD. He could still get that pencil. You can still get a keyboard. And so I felt like it was fine. It's it's more ugly. It's not. It's not as great and an ipad in in overall feel but it's totally functional. It just the IPAD air is just nicer. eight using the word Nice but it is. It's a very slick. Beautiful little product well, dig a little deeper with that in terms of the highlights if if I am looking IPAD air like what are some of the features worth noting for this device, right? So the first thing you should know is what are using an IPAD for The IPADS are tween devices. Still they are doing a lot of stuff you could do on a laptop, but they still don't get all the way there. So there's frustrations if you're driving this as your main computer here, going GonNa find things for file storage multitasking, drive you crazy but the track pet support, which is available on all the IPADS. Now, all the recent ipads I love that, and it allows me to edit and work on an ipad a lot better so. That goes back to what you're saying on the IPAD air if you're using it because you wanna get something like the magic keyboard, which is three hundred dollars super expensive but the keyboard is really nice. Sure. That's a really nice package. It feels like a laptop and it also costs like a lap like an expensive laptop. It's like nine hundred, thousand dollars more. That, you're paying. So I I think. I think USB see is a huge advantage for dangles chargers in general compatibility I. Just think it's easier to shop for stuff with a really eight lightning. That still exists on modern apple products because I I think it's a hindrance. So I like that a lot and I think the display looks fantastic. It's good enough for multitasking and for other things, and that's kind of what you're using an IPAD for. It's like. Running to absent once writing a bit on it, watching videos on it. What else are you doing? Got The you made the note that this looks like an ipad pro. Essentially, what are the differences when you're weighing the decision between getting a step by pro verses? This what are you not getting this or what? What are the differences because they look almost same? They do and the use the same accessories. So which is also nice because apple's ipads don't always do that. Sometimes they subtly shifting body design. So you could use an eleven in Tripod Bro Accessory from twenty eighteen and it would still work like the keyboard cases and things. But I I think that the differences that's weird. You pay more for an IPAD pro but it's a device that came out back in March and has advantages, but also as a few drawbacks. So the advantages are. It has faster screen refresh rate the promotion, which is. Up to one twenty Erz which is nice and smooth, I mean the pro ipads are the only apple devices to have that. The, the iphones don't have that in the other ipads don't have that the display on the ipad pro is technically a tiny bit brighter but I didn't really notice it the IPAD pro as the lighter. De Scanning. which is really that's a niche thing but it is interesting if you are thinking about things like. mapping out a room and turning into a cad model or three D. Creation. You want to get involved in some of those tools at the iphone twelve pro as you could get it on the IPAD grow be can't get it on here. Cameras, are a little bit different at doesn't have face I D which I do face ID more on an IPAD iphone I feel like it logs in a little more smoothly. The touch ID side button is fine. data throughput his technically a little different it's it's it's a little bit slower on USB. See Five gigabits per second verses ten gigabits per second. There's quad speakers versus dualistic a lot of little things. But the dual speakers on the IPAD air are fine. So Those are the differences and you can tell it's like getting pretty fine. Fine hair-splitting. Microphones are better on the IPAD pro if you who's going to record using the built in microphones on an IPAD pro if you're a pro person, you know that's a weird subset. So that's like the long answer what you're saying basically, I don't miss the IPAD pro and the ipad pros performance it's faster and multitasking, but it's slower single tasking. which is also weird. So. You'd expect in a fourteen Z on the IPAD pro and rumors of many led. There's no lead I pad yet. But the that could come next year

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