U.K. 'challenge' trials will infect healthy volunteers with COVID-19


At this London hospital are preparing to deliberately infect. Cheers with the corona. To test the effectiveness of vaccines and treatments The so called challenge trial is much faster than what's happening now with volunteers around the world who live normally at home and may or may not ever become infected in a challenge trial infection is guaranteed sophie rose a student at Johns Hopkins University studying in the UK wants to take part way to tackle. This problem is to stop with these trials, an young healthy population and where the risk is lower what happens if one of these volunteers? Does. When these trials are designed, they are definitely informed is acknowledged that there is a risk of the first step infect ninety volunteers eighteen thirty years old with the minimum required to get them sick enough to then test vaccines or treatments, but not enough to make them seriously ill at some researchers object on ethical grounds I inject Elsa volunteers. With the virus for which we have no cure at the moment if we would have a cure. And effective treatment I would be all for it. The challenge trial still approval here in the. UK. But that is expected to be granted. They could start as early as January.

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