Review of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

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What do you think of the iphone Twelve and twelve pro? They're pretty fantastic. They're amazing. The cliche is always to say it's the best iphone ever in these. Truly are I. Think there are some significant upgrades from the eleven and I think both twelve twelve pro show that I think for me the the. Weirdness but the hard thing to get your head around is house similar. The twelve twelve pro is and is at a bad thing and that's what I've been wrestling a lot with my review. I think the quick way I like to think about it is forget last year, forget the eleven and eleven pro and the three hundred dollar difference and the features, and if you think of the new lineup a little bit like the Mac lineup, the apple has whereas the twelve mini would be something like the macbook air and the twelfth pro would be like the macbook pro like the thirteen inch in twelve Max fifteen and I think the twelve is the macbook which has always been kind of a weird product for Apple. In the last like five or six years isn't it isn't the air a consumer thing I think that's where the twelfth false. That's an interesting comparison because a Mac Book I. Mean is basically been discontinued has always been kind of the you know the the lesser like it's the one that always gets the least attention right? Because if it was a product and it, it didn't it wasn't as cheap as macbook air and it wasn't as powerful as a pro do you source that as the issue with the twelve this year? I think the analogy holds up in a couple of those instances. I think it's it's definitely not as cheap as obviously the iphone mini and we can talk about prices second but also think as far as power Scott the fourteen as it's the same size, it's the same build. Aside from the stainless steel it is remarkably the same phone and etiquette people had them both in their hands I I mean I gravitate more towards the pro It's a little heavier. It feels more solid and at compare that more like I'm a camera person. So there's like these awesome cameras from Sunday called the as seven s three which are thousands of dollars. They're they're well-made they're solid cameras but then you hold something like Leica m the costs here nine thousand end the build is just another level I think the finish on the twelfth pro. You see earn it's thousand dollar price tag that makes sense to me. If, you think of the iphone twelve is conde affordable version of that foam. That makes sense. But this is not an iphone eleven replacement found I. think that's GonNa be the twelve mini

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