Former Boston College Baseball Player Pete Frates’ Sports Memorabilia Up For Auction To Benefit ALS Patients


A year since we lost Pete Brady's to a less, but his family continues there fight for a cure, and this week you can own a piece of history. An auction is coming for some of the iconic sports memorabilia that came Pete's way. And doubly busy. Jim McKay reports. It all goes to a terrific cause. The money brought in from this auction will help the Pete Brady's Family Foundation. I spoke with Pete's dad, John, as the foundation helps families who are now dealing with this deadly disease. And what we're hoping to do is just Share some of the bread crumbs of knowledge that we learned along the way sharing knowledge but also with donations and your help. It's also helping those families who are in need the most and also offer financial assistance and this auction will last all week. It's hosted by K B K sports, You can find it online, and you will also have a plethora of items to choose from, He said. Look, I've done shilling Blood. So Ray Bork. I've never seen the quantity and quality of the stuff anything Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics Bruins and beyond the entire sports world that Reached out to Pete over the years. You Khun bid now and own your part of history and help the great cause

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