Ep. 242: Deep Thoughts on Emily in Paris & The Weeks Beauty News

Fat Mascara


Target. Those you? Do, q the Accordion music. As a very special episode Fat Mascara I. Am Jessica. All right I'm done. That's my French I'm sorry. Hi Guys. Mascara, and we are so excited about this episode. This is like a little present to us. This is our like our pandemic just do it for us. Guys skies, we're not turning into a recap show. Don't you don't worry Emily Harris, but we are sort of devoting almost all of this episode almost the big beauty issues and fashion issues and entertainment issues of Paris. So okay. So we're going to do the BB headline so that there is some shred of normalcy to the episode, but Jenny both watched emily in Paris most people. Saying most people. That's not true. But a lot of people watched emily Paris it is. It's number three on Netflix in America. It was number one when I watched it last week. Yeah. So I feel like large. A lot of people are watching and if you're listening to this show, you're probably aware of emily embarrass. You are in a country that does not have it streaming on Netflix. We apologize we'll see you on Thursday we have a great interview. Yes but it the reason why we WANNA. Talk about it is it has so many great beauty and fashion moments. There are a lot of kind of beauty industry like inside jokes or just kind of like little things like the they're playing on a lot of seams and cliches add Jen Nyerere so tickled by it and we crowdsource of your opinions and folding some of those. into. The show you guys were so funny or general cracking up taxing each other all day about them. So anyway, Fun Fun Fun. Let's get to the hard stuff I. Get before. We do morning everyone I poured some bubbly and honor of this episode I will try be nice while you do the news jazz but you know how I get I'm going to be heckled Oh Okay ready to do this. Yes. Beyond say concert twenty, seventeen all over again. Okay I'm ready to talk beauty news like

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