Got fined $15,000 Darren Waller, who's a Titan who had the whole function


And racial injustice in the black and brown community. Big boy named Luigi up in here with a bluebird all Las Vegas Raiders man. It seems like that roll off your tongue, not not a dog. It's crazy. I was going to say the Oakland Raiders. Yeah, Los Angeles like, Yeah, man, that's crazy. Well, you know, there was a video that went around that is circling. And it was ah bunch of Raider fans that were like at a charity event for one of the players. It was a great fundraiser with that there were raising money for, you know, to help young kids dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, and it seemed like it was a full pack house at this, like some kind of like banquet hall and a lot of the people. We're not wearing masks, including 10 of the player. It is when they were all there, and I saw that I was like, Okay, dude, there has to be some fines coming because their coach had already got fined $100,000 for not wearing a mask. John Gruden and the team got fined $250,000 for these players to be outside, you know, like Football activities and being out there in the public

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