Coronavirus: Hollywood Filmmakers Issue Warning Theaters Are Facing Extinction


This week. Some of Hollywood's biggest names names joining joining forces forces to to warn warn Congress Congress that that movie movie theatres theatres are are facing facing extinction. extinction. Jason Jason Nathan, Nathan, with with a a story story like like a a plot plot out out of of the the Avengers. Avengers. Dozens Dozens of of Hollywood Hollywood heavyweights heavyweights joining joining forces forces to save movie theaters. Clint Eastwood, Jordan Peele, Christopher Nolan, Lee Daniels, Martin Scorsese, Greta Gerwig andMe or sending a letter to the leaders of the Senate and the House, asking them to work together on cinema stimulus cinemas. Support millions of jobs, the letter states. But now we fear for their future, and it warns that the country can't afford to lose the social, economic and cultural value Theaters provide multiplexes have been mostly empty since the start of the pandemic.

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