Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform


Presented his blueprint for a post Covad world addressing income inequality, immigration and social injustice. And as NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports, Francis says the pandemic has shown that market capitalism has failed. The pope's post pandemic vision is contained in his latest encyclical, Fratelli Tootie in Italian Fratelli refers to both brothers and sisters. It's released came on the birthday of his name, say ST Francis of Assisi. It's escaping description ofthe Les affaires capitalism. Francis denounces this dogma of neo liberal faith that resorts to the magic theories of spillover and trickle down economics. Ah, good economic policy, he adds, Creates jobs doesn't cut, Hm. The encyclical is a critique of nationalism and populism and the divisiveness caused by social media on racism, the pope said. It is a virus that quickly mutates and instead of disappearing goes into hiding and lurks in waiting so people Jolie NPR news Rome

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