Finding Total Consciousness


Hello. My friends come back to daily bread. Deepak Chopra. A new series is called total magician. If you'd like to learn more about what we'll be discussing. You can pick up a new book, total meditation practices and living the awaken life. well-being is a state of holiness and your life cannot be. Until the body mind. Disgust. Total consciousness and what today signed skulls the Alpha State. In totality the body meditates along with your mind. brainwaves go through several cycles debating on our state of consciousness. Alpha waves are a frequency range of brain activity. that. Can Organize in sink in our brain when we meditate. And this can be seen to an EEG or electoral encephalogram. Alpha wave activity increases in the brain during meditation. Alpha waves indicate that the body mind is doing relaxation. Alpha waves appear when you close your eyes and rest. But if you're not tired or asleep because when you're tied or asleep. There's a different kind of activity called rapid eye movements with differed frequency of brain. So states of human awareness beyond relaxation also car. And in States Alpha waves dominate. So. When this smoothly flowing thoughts when you're alert in the moment, many are in meditation. When you're in creative activity when your mood is stable when you're not depressed by joyful, the relaxed state is also alert and in this state Alpha waves appear. In the brain, this is how we know that you're in a state of. Meditation. So, what we can see from this is that. It is not contradictory to be relaxed an alert at the same time, and that's exactly what happens in yoga practice in bottom martial-arts in any activity that was mind body coordination. Meditation brings us to the State. What is the state restful awareness and dynamic activity at the same time? Only human beings that aware that the power of now exists and we have spent centuries pondering out to us. And this is what we're doing in this series.

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