Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Abdominal Obesity discussed on Mayo Clinic Radio


That it can lead to increase instance of diabetes. But it's usually a earlier occurrence of diabetes than if you weren't on the staten so if you were obese have high fasting blood sugar have metabolic syndrome with the big punch. You'll go into become a diabetic about three months earlier than if you weren't on the staten but for everyone patient gets diabetes. Five heart attacks are prevented. We've heard that term metabolic syndrome a lot and it's difficult to understand for us and our listeners. Netflix metabolic syndrome has five factors. What the main was the big punch big abdominal obesity which is a very active fat. It puts out chemicals. That are bad for us. It makes us more insulin resistant. Which for women going through menopause. That's where you're likely to gain weight. Yeah and women. It's really a higher risk falcon for them Second is blood pressure that's elevated third. Is the low hdl or low good cholesterol. It cleans out the arteries and then the blood pressure those the factors that really lead to more inflammation. And if you control those that you're much better off. We've heard you talk about fish oil before and as i recall. You're a proponent I want to know if you still are. And is that for everybody or is that just for people with heart disease well. It helps a lot of people in not just people with heart disease. Recent study showed that high dose fish oil. Epa specifically a certain type of epa which is within you find on the bottle when you buy in the store will reduce a heart attacks if you have real high triglycerides even if your ldl is controlled when it comes to fish and fish oil. If you don't like fish fish oil take its place. Oh you'd like ideally to use both of them and it's better to have the fish and there's no pill that replaces lifestyle in mediterranean diet is more than just a diet. It's a lifestyle aspirin baby aspirin who should be taken. It still think it's a preventative for people who have had heart disease or have art design if you had heart disease. Aspirin is beneficial. There's no there's no argument about that unless you have bleeding problems from it if you don't have heart disease it's not as helpful as we used to think it was. You have to be a higher risk for heart attack or the next ten years. Ten twelve fifteen percent risk those people benefit but the average person which is lower like seven eight percent risks..

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