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To share with you as well. But everything stops right now for Stu, guts, the promise of the network needs to break into programming. I don't know how often ESPN does that. Bobbly needs to be summoned stugatz. About two and Jeremy shop too. Fainter. WADA. Yeah, the most of the best. Yeah, both fainter of both feign ru and WADA. What about TJ? Do we have to get TJ two and topping, yeah, Don van Natta Pulitzer winner. All of these six seen all of them. Yeah, to get the seventh best team in the NFL according to God's power rankings. If you weren't with us when he first announced it. Well, I don't even do you work. Clearly, everybody's listening, whatever the top sicklers they weren't. So number seven here it is the seventh best team in the NFL according to the mighty stugatz power rankings is. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Okay. All right. Sounds good. Moving onto, nor McDonald. So here's the controversy. David Letterman late in life here. David Letterman has decided, you know, we've talked about this before as it regards Tony Kornheiser goes on vacation and all of a sudden, you know three days in he's talking to his plant, giving the sports opinion like David Letterman was on television for a long time. It's gonna take him off, television wife needs him out of the house. Kornheiser does that too? Yeah. And so so. So your plants are dead though because of the takes because what you're saying, you know, those experiments or they wrath those experiments, where if you say nice things to a plant, it lives because it's a living thing. But if you say mean things every day to a plant, it dies. The plants in your house would wither and dry up just because of your opinion. Okay. That's a saying, I mean, it's saying it's science that can't be if you say, so. All right, look it up. I mean, they're living thing. I'd rather not freezer living things. Look up the science experiments that have been done in terms of taking care with animals to with insect where the years smart guy over the years of the plants, the ears. I don't have to so wait a minute, you, you don't believe that if over the next six months, we both had plants next to each other and treated them exactly the same in every other way. But you were yelling at yours for six straight months and I was treating mine with kindness. You don't believe there would be any difference in the way those trees grew sounds wacky and insane. Are you serious right now dead serious. I'm not making this up years back to. I understand living things you do understand. I don't think you know about the magnificent life of trees. Dogs would be the same. Right? Because dogs on speaking. No, you're saying it's just noise to them. It's just the tone of the noise. You could probably say really mean things dog what you say, who sold them and they'd be like, oh, wow, that's so loving, can't say mean things to a plan in a loving tone and should be the same thing. Right? I've done that with my dog before you can be like, I hate you come here. I hate you so much. She comes. She wags its just to prove the point. The point. Pointers animal crew. So the tone or the message when it comes to the plants without ears on, I'm gonna look it up during the break to make sure I wasn't fooled by some sort of onion ruse. Let me Google. Can I talk. Glenn, I'm gonna. I'm gonna go. Have you guys are gonna make fun of me, but I think I'm gonna be right at the end of this right now. You sound like, okay, I mean maybe you'll be right in ten minutes, but right now you sound like a complete crazy person. So you guys don't believe that there you name the plants that you talk to Dan or. No, I don't talk to my plants. Wow. They must have a horribly sad life. Then I mean if I had a plant the other night, I would hug that plant and said, hey, I got a quarterback. I mean, that's what I did with my dog according to the BBC. Plants can see here and small..

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