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Komo news one thousand fm eighty seven seven and komonewscomfire jeremy grater is at the editor's desk it's good to have you with us as las vegas police rushed to help victims and track the gunman law enforcement here in washington rushed into action as well police say each mass shooting as a reminder of the importance of training and preparedness komos jennifer sullivan spoke with police officers and emergency see responders and has more from olympia as the chaos in folded well into the night many police and emergency management workers here stopped in their tracks this is being 27 shooting needs and genuinely think about these types of instance and if something were to happen here what am i going to do what is my response from the state patrol to police two emergency management training for mass shootings has become second nature we take each incident by itself we do an after action plan on our responses as well as what it actually happened and that we train and adapt our responses in seattle s you and cathay racer in the you district where the site of recent mass shootings while trainings are routine for police last year in officer even held an active shooter course for community members just last year cascade mall in burlington was the site of one of the state's worst mass shootings a man opened fire inside a department store killing four in fatally wounding a fifth person the best thing that we can do to prepare ourselves for these same is to not take cases for granted with nearly one measuring every day in the us police say everyone not just first responders need to have a plan we always say to make sure that you know you're pulling serve egress whether you're in a restaurant or if you're at a park or any placing need to know where you can go if something's and bad happens it can only be expected that just like the cascade mall response the reaction to first responders and emergency managers in las vegas will be carefully reviewed by agencies across the nation in the coming weeks and months we train for as much as you can think of but an emergency management never unfolds the way you would think of is going through in olympia jennifer sullivan komo news the recordings of police scanners in vegas last night or simply stunning here's what it sounded like as police searched for the.

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