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Of attrition which portugal. You always have the risk of christiano popping up in the box a header or a penalty or a free kick. They have individual match Pepe comes into the box. Start some smoke. Which did anyway multiple occasions i mean. So you do the war of attrition against a team. That's gonna come out and run at you and attack you do. The war of attrition against italy may wish wished. But why do it against portugal. Other no i just think so in the interview we did. He said we have dna which is individual talent and very much like. Give the ball to the burn. Huzzah lukaku and they will do. You don't have to work something very complicated collectively. That's pretty dour. And i was okay. Great i said. Would you play again then against franz having sixty percent of the ball almost and having maybe being the better team and just being done on one shot that could one goal and then you don't and said was while one from the boys is to learn from that game that specifically again the franz game while we did that was wrong and what would not do again so then when we get into the similar situation then we do differently. This time we go through and we win and for me as they're watching the game and i don't think your game plan was. Let's let's sit by against france. You lose you do done against france. So definitely yeah. Yeah we'll be interesting but francis matchwinners. I don't think they can defend like the french in two thousand eighteen. No they can't way to care but then yes then yes. Yesterday it was very much the feeling of like we're happy to give you the ball. We in the lead and now we're going to close the shop and this is the have close the shop because they could easily have considered one or two easily but like effect very much like that second half was like there was nothing with the ball from belgium. And even the goal right the target hazard goal. I my first instinct. When i saw was to blame re patricio. The ball does pass really close to be the case because he was asleep but you watch the replay. Now there is he hits two things. One is hits the ball really hard and it takes a very nasty swerve. I've heard goalkeepers states the goalkeepers union z. Takes the step one way little hop step one way and then he doesn't get to the other way but but he was a very central shop was very sent him. I know he swerved ace right by him as well. And i just think he's always on line is always to deepen gold i think if he'd been even half a yard ahead of the line you would have saved it was fascinating about. This was at the end. I mean i was maybe the first half the second half. I thought the game really turned into something else. Like not a pleasant game you know at the end. It was like they lose two screws and Fernando santos did what you it in the comeback against hungary right he basically patricio his back for kept down obviously any change five dudes in the middle too much. I see the need to take off renato sanchez. For example he was their best player and but but it led to a very disjointed game. At the end where i stopped. Belgium could have scored a couple of a couple breakaways. The the caracal one. I mean every concerned that we've ever had about this guy and his obsession with dribbling. It was like rebecca's head about to explode now that shaven but equally portugal could've chances at the other end as well the hearts i mean i need to go to happen which was zero games. Fun and guerrero. He deposed as we mentioned earlier. You had the ruben diaz header. You ads the andre silva of sliding shaw with courtois. Coming coming to get the ball as well you a few good things felix wide ways for explain. Oh no no no no such question gap. Why have you never played. It never played in the tournament so far for a strange reason you even put him in the stands for your first game and yet when you to go you thinking. hang on. who's on took for. Who is full of confidence. Let me finish. Who's really food of confidence. Who's going to show step on this page and make a difference. Well joe i know of spoken to you or tournament but hey come in and go and win the game for me. Why is what kind of management is this. I can answer this at the last euros. Paternity to spend quite a bit of time around the portuguese team. My my friend worked for the portuguese time. And they really emphasized team spirit and unity. And i think for it onto scientists. Who's a very traditional. Man has his own kind of spirituality as well i don't know he's base better be good. Grown know where. I'm going with it is i think he likes to. He likes to stick to the people who did it for him with who did for him. Before i mean if that means sticking with bernardo silva up that that means sort of trying to crowbar bruno fernandez into the lineup. That means wheeling out. John leukaemia white really did not need to see in this game. Yeah but that's fine. But why would you bring him on for the last half hour. You've ignored them for the whole tournament. Because you're desperate at that stage but desparation as a manager of that level dispersion should not be a factor of what changes you make and what shape your team gets into. Maybe it shouldn't but these people are humans. We see this all the time. And why did you said freaking kevin volume and whatever i expect to see karston tanker out there. No i know. But like the i just. I don't know even says rivera to a certain extent. Because you've seen surgery lavera score long straight score from long range and i think at this level you know. Eight hundred knockout nocco international football. These managers know that it all depends on a moment and they're willing to take chances that they wouldn't do a club lacob level. You might say. Well i'm playing in another week. I want to keep my shape. I want to execute what we've been working on all season. Ab here they're like. Oh y'all sometimes you create that have nothing and it's hard to get the ball. Let's throw him under. I agree with you and andradeivar again for me easter worst. You cannot have the best striker in the bundesliga now called early. Go robert on your bench for eighty minutes every game even when you losing and then just thinking of the last ten minutes or go and try to do something. I don't get it. i don't get alpha me. Portables failure is found under santos failure in this tournament. I don't think and we said many times that these formation suited christiano in the first place but yet he kept playing on the front. And i know. He scored five goals in four games. Now out of the seven portugal scored. But you know we know how three of them were penalties and the saying. Yeah i mean. I wanted to be created himself him but it's not like he's goals came because like you said it's not like his goals came because he was playing center forward in portugal. This great service to him and he simply finish it off. You know not applies to one of those goals. I would argue the one where he had to against hungary and the other four goals had nothing to do with him playing center forward. None antonio and i just think fan under center sixty six. His moment of glory was twenty sixteen..

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