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The facility effort closed has been returned and anonymous person contacted the henry ford museum in dearborn and ford motor land development after a series of messages the clock was found wrapped up against an abandoned home on lot in street near warren avenue employees of dearborn restaurant suddenly closed their doors monday have an offer from another business the sign of the beef carber on michigan avenue had been in business for over fifty years the manager of the restaurant says declining business prompted the move a habit hyder the owner famous hamburgers in dearborn is offering jobs to the former beef carper workers he has locations in dearborn and canton the only other side of the beef cover in the areas and the royal oak on woodward avenue i'm kevin sanderson on the patriot fm one one point five at am fourteen hundred the republican primary for congress there's only one tough proven conservative lena epstein lena epstein is running for congress to fight for michigan and america epstein was president trump's campaign co chair in michigan so she knows what it means to make america great again lena is a political outsider and she'll stand with president trump to secure the border stop illegal immigration defined sanctuary cities and uphold the rule of law our border is a national security disaster president trump is right to deploy the national guard in congress i'll san with president trump to build the wall deport the criminals and put america first tough proven conservative political outsider lena epstein will secure the border cut taxes strengthen our military put america first conservative businesswoman lena epstein for congress i'm lena obscene and i approve this message trae four by lena for congress the john mccullough show is sponsored in part by as ertak public adjusters eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five just another ripple.

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