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But did a pretty good job by the fbi atf the dp department of public safety and the postal inspector all got together on this they had over five hundred agents in the austin police department on this and austin police led the way the whole time through everything that could add it and so it worked out so he's a twenty four year old white man he have they connected him to this red at post because there's a reddit post where he claimed to be he won't stop he said on read it until he becomes as prolific as the zodiac killer well fortunately his life ended before that could happen he said my intention is not to kill people i am doing this simply because i want to watch the world burn just bizarre so another psycho you need a string of disturbing messages in which he compared himself to the zodiac killer the notorious serial killer who was never caught or identified even though he murdered at least five people in california in the sixties and seventies the self professed austin bummer denied suggestions the attacks are racially motivated it's not race related like the media has speculated i also enjoy laughing at the massive police presence that just simply cannot find or dna is me the poster said he's thirty to fifty years old insisted he doesn't have any terminal illness or anything like that so i don't know if he's trying to throw people off.

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