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Snap Taylor of course the. Creator of Snapchat it's one, of the most dynamic companies out, there it's history of late though has been a little. Bit. Tortured and we. Got more on the story from max chaff gin so Sarah Frier the writer, of the story got received a special invitation to, something called, council which is a sort of regular meeting. They've had I think somewhere around seven hundred so far this year so we're talking about everyday kind of, meeting where a group of sap employees get together and they share and. It's a very kind of. Step is a Los Angeles based company it's a. Very California thing there is a. Sharing stone that they pass around, I think it's a purple amethyst this is something that snaps CEO Evan Spiegel. Learning kind of new age class and has. Brought to the company and the reason why this matters at all besides just being amusing and sort of Weird. Is that sap is really trying desperately to grow up and to. To get better at communication Evan Spiegel, has been, for most of the. Company's history very secretive sort of aloof both from. His own employees and from, the outside world and with this, competition from Facebook and especially Instagram which is a Facebook. Property. You know they're. Having to change and and comically secretive almost I mean in the sense that, the utter lack of transparency even internally much less, to the, outside world has been noted by investors by. Analysts even former employees have talked about this and why is it does it go back to Evan yeah, I mean I think that this was sort of a strange that that. Sanchez had this was a. Company that did not act like a normal social. Media company act more and more. Like I don't know like a, fashion brand or something you know Facebook was in the bay area Snapchat is. In a spoke is in these kind of. Corporate offices Snapchat has historically been in Kind of basically these small. Buildings and some houses even in Venice which is a set of. Hip neighborhood in l. a. And so I think it's sort of all, goes back to the culture and for a while that were I mean that kind of had this kind of cool factor but they've just been. Swallowed both by sort of Facebook's ability to copy them and also, Facebook's sort of capacity of bundling data with these. Products so advertisers on Facebook have been able to target ads very specifically snap has been late to the game on that so let's talk about the Facebook, rivalry because I convened a small group of experts is I was as I was reading this story a couple of teenagers and I was telling them about this and they were saying notably as, users of both that Instagram has done a pretty brilliant job of essentially just copying a bunch of the best. Features Snapchat and they rightly said it's. Grim, only has to be sort of good enough to keep you on the, platform it doesn't even have, to be better yeah it's pretty stunning because you know people even a, couple of years, ago I think thought of Instagram mainly as a full Photo sharing thing I think, you you you know A cute filter. Over your photo and you share this glossy thing and now I think younger people are, seeing it as more of this video sharing platform. Basically see it, as exactly what snap was Instagram's it's called stories which is not. Coincidentally probably the name. Of the staff chat product, that's the same, thing and, and as a result this has been you know this has been a boon to Facebook which has seen traffic on its main, app kind of seemed to flatten, out a bit and it's been bad for, Snapchat which Instagram is. The growth story for Facebook Instagram is growth story it is, the future, for Facebook and snap has kind. Of you know meanwhile. Cast about for various, things they were developing hardware there were those glasses the that that. Were really cool but but didn't really take off and now it feels like. Snapchat is becoming a little bit more like Facebook they are starting to try to give..

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