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The move Dr yeah we have in these very he'd get outside the pocket even when he was in the pocket pull the ball down and made some good decisions so Kirk cousins on the move hi snapped a why all that training Dan Bailey's can't is that was Kevin McDermott to Matt while sailing with the Vikings also drafted a long snapper in the seventh round from the air force's name is Austin cutting says it could be a little long snapper battle there through training camp and subsequently through the free sees themselves the Minnesota Vikings have taken a seven zero lead California half minutes into the first preseason game eight plays seventy eight yards four minutes twenty two seconds courtesy of Bridgestone Mexico causes get on the flat Madison straight into the flat nice a good a good receiver as well as a runner I think for overall for the Vikings you don't want penalties but you have a little bit of a setback that first play the first play the series you get a holding calls first in twenty eight overcome that get an explosive play around mid fielder that past Adam feeling so I think causes that are very very nice job handling the offense not make a mistake pull the ball down when he saw enough enough green in front of him that he could move the chains so I like the deep ball that causes withdrawal three season the show tonight fiancee Harris a rookie from assumption college free agent he was set to return the cake but it was short by Bailey the thirty seven yard line in seven years as spam you spend twenty thirteen for twenty sixteen with the Minnesota Vikings as we get social it is the Miller lite social media segment with us via the broadcast by using the hashtag the social which look he will you focus on tonight I'd like to begin with Alexander Madison because he already has one touchdown no I greeting Alexander Madison is is key I think Jilin holds another guy's gonna get a lot of opportunity tonight Paul himself I'm sorry he's not a rookie but now the guys seem to get a chance to somebody so tonight what he hears teddy Bridgewater the former Viking Eddie Johnson somebody using and it's a first down to the New Orleans Saints teddy Bridgewater gets the start not eight Joe Webb to be drew Brees in his second year with the New Orleans Saints four years with the Minnesota Vikings twenty fourteen to twenty seventeen we remember August thirtieth of twenty sixteen it was a Tuesday at Winter Park a non contact me injury cost him his twenty sixteen the Viking subsequently won the division with teddy Bridgewater quarterback who's too often steams ahead across the fifty yard line in the Vikings territory for a gain of five Bridgewater played one game in twenty seventeen with the Vikings a division title clinching Sunday verses the Cincinnati Bengals never forget when he came in a U. S. bank stadium crowd erupted that's the last we saw them wait five games for the New Orleans Saints last year at a touchdown one one Minnesota won the NFC north with teddy in twenty fifteen that was Mike Zimmer's first division title Bridgewater under center those back to pass looking left John Davis the New Orleans Saints for an effortless first down it's another former Viking excellent TVS he was very just catching a simple pass out of the backfield and teddy Bridgewater.

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