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Here at curly and I'm Gary McNamara. Good morning, welcome. Thank you for being here, download our red eye radioactive today and listen overnight. I'm the as Eric said last hour trillions of radio stations that were on. Then you can listen when and where you want. All right, the show's interfering with my reading. Me too, I was searching bass pro shop, apparently they're out of bear Kevlar. See, you're doing quiet quitting. Mine was work related. So was mine. The president said it. We comment on what the president said. I'm trying to find. Okay. Where's the Kevlar? He's talking about. Okay. All right. And how much is it? Well, we have a right to bear Kevlar. We'll do the beard, not have a right? To bear our I was reading, I was reading the editorial from national review on just the FBI and the way that they put it together is really, really good because it shows you where Republicans are going to go with not only the Hunter Biden investigation, but just in general, the FBI. And think about this because remember what Merrick Garland said about Republicans or those that are questioning the integrity of the FBI. The edges listen to how this is laid out here. Because last week, the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI's Washington field office, Timothy the bolt was discreetly terminated and reportedly escorted out of the building. His dismissal owes to his demonstrated political bias, which appears to be endemic among bureau bigwigs. It was bad enough that he was using his personal social media account to trash Republicans conservatives the Catholic Church and the American south, I guess one example is he actually wrote, can we give Kentucky to the Russian Federation? And to exploit his FBI credentials and violation of various government rules, he is free to do those things as a private citizen or as a political candidate, but it is entirely inappropriate behavior for the head of a federal law enforcement office at regularly conducts investigations in the storm center of national politics. According to senator chuck grassley, the ranking judiciary committee Republican, while the bolt was advertising his partisanship, he was also doing the heavy lifting on the bureau led effort to bury the Hunter Biden scandal in the waning weeks of the 2020 presidential race. By then grassley and senator Ron Johnson had for months been conducting a probe of the millions of dollars of foreign money that had ended up in Biden family coffers, including as we all know, companies related to the Chinese Communist Party. In the main it seems that when president Obama asked his vice president, Joe Biden to steer administration policy regarding China Ukraine and Russia and when later Biden later emerged as a likely democratic nominee in 2020, people connected to the regimes and those countries found it expedient to pay exorbitant sums to the now president's son. It is not hard to guess what those bad actors thought they were buying. While the hunter laptop with patently, while the hunter laptop patently authentic and chockablock with blackmail material is now the most notorious aspect of the scandal, senators grassley and Johnson had been following the money long before the computer emerged. So apparently, had the Justice Department which months earlier had launched a criminal investigation of hunter and which in 2017 was evidently conducting Pfizer national security surveillance on the families business partners, one of them who was subsequently convicted on foreign corruption charges. And corruption chart. One of them was eventually convicted of the foreign corruption charges. In essence, because I was reading this will read the rest of it to you here. In essence, Hunter Biden is what democratic fever dreams depicted Donald Trump to be. Complete with the porn tapes, the payments to Russian accounts for prostitution services. We said that a long time ago. And the financial ties to corrupt and anti American governments with whose cronies he conducts transactions counter to American interest, a politically disinterested law enforcement agency would treat him as such. The dossier was hunter's dossier. Yeah, you're right. It's a great point. That's what they did. Yeah. That just changed the name. Yeah, what can we charge Trump with? Well, here's the dossier on hunter. Right. Think about it. Change the name. Instead, the bolt and the other FBI agents colluded with the Democrats to portray as Russia disinformation. The mounting unsavory information about hunter as well as Joe Biden's involvement in his family's long-standing habit of cashing in on his political influence. In the summer of 2020, this is interesting because this is when I read this in the article I went, oh, and this is where they tie it all together, where you go, oh boy. This is what the Republicans already have. This is what we know they have. We don't know what they don't have. In the summer of 2020, top congressional Democrats began suggesting that questions being raised about foreign influence on Biden could signal foreign interference in the presidential election. Remember that? They were pounding on grassley and Johnson saying this is all political. It's propaganda, all grassy and Johnson are doing is disseminating Russia disinformation. It was the FBI collaborated working up an intelligence assessment which concluded that derogatory Biden evidence must be disinformation. The assessment was written by FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian aughton whose previous claim to fame was to have led the FBI's interview with Iggy danchenko, the principal source for the notorious Steele dossier after which the FBI continued relying on this actual disinformation in representing the Pfizer court that Donald Trump might be a Russian asset. Grassley now says that FBI whistleblowers have informed him that frontline agents working on the Biden investigation push back against their supervisors assessments. Pointing out that much of the evidence they gathered was based on records from U.S. financial institutions, not rumor and innuendo in the style of the Steele dossier. Yet the bureau forged ahead, convening in August of 2020 a briefing for members of Congress. That was designed to cast doubt on the Biden evidence. The FBI assessment was conveniently then leaked to democratic friendly media, which suggested that the Republican senators investigation was Russian disinformation efforts and amplifying its propaganda. Zuckerberg. Yeah. And then they go into the whole Zuckerberg thing and the New York Post and what happened there. But again, the FBI had given false information to members of Congress so they could jump by when Twitter and Facebook did all the stuff that they did. They were like, hey, the FBI has told us it's Russia disinformation. Then, remember how the Biden campaign stuck to the Russian disinformation narrative to with that particular time. And then you had the all the 50 something intelligence officials come out and say, we're very suspicious. This all looks like Russia disinformation. Right. But the FBI

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