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Whatever is the. EU find resonates best for you and I think that's down onto each and every person to decide so you've created your own meditation approach. She is Jada. Can you tell us a bit about that wanted to do that. So what it's all about yes sure well the the majority of it is actually based on the orders technique in the world which comes from the Himalayas. It's about ten thousand years old and that's been passed from US issued student for all of that time and I'm simply twenty-first-century conduit to that butts there were a couple of gaps steitz discerned and so I'm woven in a couple of extra things for beginners to actually make it much more complete and much more relevance the twenty first century and then if shoots WanNa go on a journey and really if they wanna get that sorts of Jedi skywalker thing that I had then I can take people glowna journey and again there are things I've learned from other parts of the world and from other traditions knowledge basis which I we've in just to make it as complete as possible so I'm not doing anything particularly spectacular. I'm simply synthesizing the various various knowledge bases. I've encountered in a way that feels most comprehensive complete. Can you tell us a bit about your book and your APP as well please. I actually go approach by loads of publishers to write a book about all of this not sure I have time this teaching today but I took the challenge on and what I wanted to do was tell the story of meditation but not in a really dry why the teachers just saying this and that and the other says why don't we actually get case studies over the people who are lots of people that we saw and to give their sort of the story and to help the audience realize that they're just like me because that has been for so long this idea that meditation is <hes> monks or for hippies and that puts a lot of people off financial factors for every one of us because we're all human we're all subject to these same emotional oh experiences and we will have the same brain chemistry so meditation works for everyone but how do you communicate that well by getting people who are representative of the general population to tell their side and people who have all of these very common situations things whether it's anxiety depression insomnia chronic fatigue physical issues like ibs such like because not all these things again to epidemic proportions so they tell their stories in the book and it's rarely very hot woman and then what I do is I us what they say is launch pad to try and share all these wisdoms about meditation but also how you get the most out of meditation patience because Meditations really there to make your life better. It's not necessarily meant to be just this little escape. Hatch where you just go for twenty or thirty not minutes to shoot from the audit does serve that function but the best meditation is actually what they do is they power you up to be able to go back into the world and we more engaged in more vibrant and more yourself and so. I felt that there are these key messages we needed to get across to help people understand meditation more and to demystify so that people felt comfortable with and inspired to go and the APP up is my way to try to democratize meditation because I'm actually just finishing up teaching six people to to become teachers and they'll go to various cities around the world and that's great. We'll be in a few major cities in year-on-year they'll be more but that still depriving ninety eight percent of the world's population of having access to it but the challenge is trying to get quality teaching across Viren App any digital platform because you you don't have that one to one interaction and so it's actually quite tricky to deliver a high level meditation experience purely through digital medium so I held off quite a few years and then eventually I started to work out how it could be done and I also felt that a lot of APPS are out there. They're trying to make it dependent on the phone. You gotTA keep tuning in every day into your phone. Find which I felt was a bit paradoxical so whilst we have will those guided meditations on the APP really what is there to do is to help. You become self sufficiency so you don't need the APP anymore. If you want to use it as a support aid you want the game indication an extra content to give you wisdom outside of the meditation and it says all those functions but I want you to be able to actually go and do it by yourself. Wherever you are without being dependent on anyone or anything this this year and then you're empowered so I guess the book is there to help inform and inspire and the APP is actually there to help empower you to be able to be a your best self without needing anyone's help within a few weeks. The book is called effortless mind though right now and the APP is out yet or is it out soon. It's called. BG's Yes Bijan Meditation. It is our came out about ten days ago. Actually great congrats so both out now. Thanks very much for coming in just by that. Is there everything you like to add. All odd really say is if anyone listening is wondering whether meditations really for them or if they've tried it and they found it to be quite difficult Michael which is a lot of people's experience. Don't worry honestly meditation can be really easy and it can be more effective than you could possibly imagine and so the river would finding practice works view is so unbelievably high and it will change your life so if in doubt give a guy. I keep the first one doesn't work. Keep going keep trying until you find the right one because once you do your life will be forever improved and so I I get on with the show is mentally today <music>. The Farmers Assurance knows that when you're in the car and that song comes on no not that one now yes that's the one you have no choice but to pull pull out your imaginary drumsticks and smash though symbols and stop on that kick pedal which unfortunately is also known as the accelerator pedal and we covered it at farmers. 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