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Job. like you didn't realize you. that's another fun thing because the even the Russians like a boy yeah guy's nose joke around he said he's gonna white that stain off of gold which has yeah right. you want him you're almost ready to put Donald Trump in the same class just frequently not from film history of four for Doris Kearns Goodwin in your opinion yeah you want to put Donald Trump in the same class as Ronald Reagan all right that's what I've done is the ultimate compliment it is but it's so hard to compare president because there's the right president for the right time you can have a president that was great during their tenure that wouldn't fit in another time so Reagan was perfect for the Cold War the eighties there and trump is perfect for this insanity that's been happening he's the only speed bump we even had for this this cavalcade to insanity that's been going on these kids are petrified data they have gotten children in this country petrified they're they're growing Xamax in little. like Johnny Appleseed their their mental patient that Claudia because they're petrified this and many other things is tell the safe spaces I mean just the very identity politics crap that's going on okay all its campuses I grew up with air raid sirens. under a desk which was going to say from Russian ICBMs they say these there were twelve years because of the call to try twelve men. they were going to launch of we have twelve minutes yeah yeah. yes could save us yeah well listen your brilliant again telling folks if you like Anthony right here with Bernie and myself we gonna love them every single day a compound media dot com at four PM he and Dave Landau both of those guys like pretty much and only will be at all big night of comedy coming up this Thursday night at the hard rock cafe and your great on stage will do a lot of stuff we don't have party and I right there on stage dies thank you. in his book of course permanently suspended you could get that compound media dot com thank you bye your great we will see a Thursday night okay all right the what if any call me a moral Bernie and sit here on talk radio somebody seven W. A. B. C. right after these short messages. be.

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