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In the next for future major league baseball team major league baseball commissioner rod manfred name charlotte is one of three cities he has in mind as candidates for future expansion the other contenders he says are montreal in mexico city manfred said he first wants to resolve stadium situations in oakland and tampa before considering expansion baseball has not expanded says 1990 eight when they added arizona and tampa bay and that's wbt jim sochi thirty qatabi county searching for charlotte man named gregory carson that they say burn down as a strange girlfriend's home last week woman reportedly was at work when carson allegedly called her to tell her he set fire to the home on beecher dr new con over victims pats were in the house of the time chair of coin read says to dogs of pet flying squirrel and fish were killed in that blaze federal prosecutors save forty six year old south carolina woman collected more than a quarter million dollars by writing fake cheques to the irs but our scheme was stop before she collected the eleven million dollars she was seeking stephanie meyer of simpson bills sentenced to three years in prison today for the plot to defraud the irs meyer wrote 45 bogus cheques worth eleven million dollars to the agency saying each one was to pay her income taxes after depositing some of those checks the irs reviewed myers records noted shield no taxes and then started refund that money until they discovered the scheme federal authorities say they're no longer investigating a pipe bomb explosion the damage to bixby oklahoma air force recruiting station as a possible act of domestic terrorism me down now at this point someone mind games cell where trading ethnically a criminal investigation with an explosive device special fbi agent jesse rice as the center was closed when that last one off and no one was injured search continues and bucks county pennsylvania for four young men between the ages of 19 in two who've been missing since last week bucks county de a met wine trump says they're talking to a possible suspect me down now if a person of interest he has not been charged or arrested with respect to any of the missing for young man at this thought that person of interest 20yearold cosmo denardo was.

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