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It gets shorter. The game will it'll have to get. I mean, one thing Adele I think is good at is. I mean football always assumed that they didn't have a time of game problem because you have three hours in his clock and unlike baseball, I can't drag on for six hours. Seventeen innings. They're, they're very mindful of speeding the thing up and they're, they're also mindful of trying to monetize which would be word for him. It's an old word, but you know, because he's Roger Goodell and it's an old private company that I think it's a new word. He's incentivize those kinds of the nineties back there. Now, I mean, it's like it's sort of a slicing and dicing model and it's like the the mobile. I mean, it's the same sort of way that old media companies are trying to like Wright clips, right things like xactly on you. The NFL gets on you if you use any clips. Oh, absolutely. No, there are very aggressive monopoly, and you know, as monopolies be and there's not another football league year in terms of personalities, is that something that's why Cps like it is we tennis sort of went away the personality? Yeah. I mean, there has been in football for number of years. Sort of like it's been called the NFL the no fun league. They tried to like, right, take the fun. I'm a patriots fan and Bill bell. Jack is most colorless joyless. I mean, it's like this monolith. I mean, I said in the book I'd rather, I love the team. I love that they win add rather like jump into Ross soups than go to work for Bill Belgian. I mean, not that he's asking a fifty three year olds, you know, former football player and pop Warner play. But if he were, I would say, no, thank you coach, but I do think that, yeah, I mean, you can't. There's not a LeBron James, Tom Brady is twenty twenty of them in basketball, no band, Stephanie Adam. Silver is sort of an in this bothers Roger Goodell thinking about who to bring Toco this year. We've had Adam there and he's fantastic, and I would love to meet him one day. I mean, he's like he is some people like. It's my smart. He is seen. Yeah. I mean, he end look. Sighted about anything like internet main like never gets overwhelmed. Right. But he's also, you know, maybe it's a honeymoon I'm in Roger. Goodell was wildly popular for the first five, six years of his commissionership. There could be a honeymoon, but no, Adam silver is like wildly admired across and they're not just sports, but you know, the corporate world and the players seem to like him in the fancy to like him. I, I think he's probably booed, but most I think all commissioners are generally I think he'd probably booed less. So when you think about this book and getting back into politics, how does that feel? So it's a, you know? I, I'm, it's tough, although it's actually it's good. I mean, it's it's been, have you gotten the requisite time away from these people are not railing? Yeah. I mean, the whole Trump thing is a whole different animal. I mean, like I feel like I'm coming back to not different country because I haven't left and I've been writing stories, but it's it's, I sort of thought and someone asked me the other day, I mean, okay. If Washington was swamped at you're at about five years ago, and the NFL is swamped that. Now, what's the next swamp? Well, so Silicon Valley or Hollywood. Those are the first to you here and I would love to the way it's I love California. Maybe one day that crash at your house when your fate. I mean, it's funny because Trump is sort of his own swamp. I don't know if there I think there are great Trump books to write. I don't know if I have the stomach to ever write a book about the Trump swamp, but I think what's going on here and I, I don't know if I could. I mean, maybe that's something worth into, basically I just need to get back to my day job and immersed himself in this for the next, you know, writing features, I do. So every day I don't, but I wanna write is much as possible. And I, I do want to sort of flex those muscles. Again ties magazine, which is we're for the times magazine my by have the good fortune of being working to Washington bureau..

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