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Hello and welcome to seven layers where each episode we explored different layer at the technology that connects our world from the literal wires in the ground to switches and routers, and all the way up to exploding amount of smart devices that surround us I'm your host Connor Craven Studios Associate Editor 's DX central this week. We are shifting our discussion about the Internet of things to its considerable security challenges all discuss the general state of. Of, security for out devices, then all export some examples of attacks that could or have happened using devices, and while an entire technical rundown of the various ways to secure the many types of devices isn't super feasible. In a forty five minute podcast, this will give you a strong knowledge best practices. He very well may have announced device in your home or office, whether that'd be a Thermostat, vacuum, refrigerator, printer, or even fax machine. I do hope this episode scares you a little bit, and maybe we should have saved it for Halloween, because not devices are some of the most prevalent forms of insecure connected devices in the world today they're easily hacked and act as an entry point into a larger network and the data within according to Mary O'Neill. VP of security at Nokia, when an unprotected devices connected to a network, it is infected in pre minutes or less. If. You have one or several Audi devices that put you at risk. Listen to what I have to say, and then plenty of your own additional research to see what you can do to keep your information safe. I will say you may just be relieved to find that. The company about your devices from actually took security seriously. Make..

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