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Click on the members only section and it'll show you how to sign up and you can get all the free stuff cool stuff and we have a bad call series which is essentially thought it was. GonNa take one there on the air for a second ago thinking about well while I'm thinking about it the latest bad call that came in here to the studio so hold on one second so this is an example of what we get here to the studio. Telemarketer calls come into the station all the time so here's one that we just received recently. Here's an example of back off. Hello Hi. How are you today. Luo what's going on our colleague. Cvs Pharmacy. You made application from like coupon for it. I travel the promotion. They Call No. I don't remember that am I taking the Travis travel homes no valley. It's been a long time bank possibly for artist but right now I have good news yet your application and I there's guard selected for a promotional giveaway cool. Sorry I'll tell you use males and you're invited local office. You'll be recreation in Kissimmee Florida. Oh no no. I'm not driving a consumer. Can you mail it to me. A COUPLA gave up research so we are invited. All this alleged center offers to become vindication like but I'm not driving either. You can't tell from an hour. Maybe Gill Yeah 'cause. It's a horrible place. Are you in Kissimmee right now. I am in you are in what street are you guys located on five thousand one Where's the next to where that we're five thousand street next to what managers there. WHO'S THE CROSSROADS THERE. What is the crossroad up on the floor on seven hundred seventy four so there you go. There's a small sample of back calls how we got that. I think last week sometime and he was trying to tell me I want something that I filled out. When's the last time you filled out something on you know at a drugstore something like not you know hey sign up for a free. Whatever three day cruise and you know it's a scam and I haven't seen one of those a long time and God knows. I didn't sign up for one here so we were talking about up something. That hasn't happened here. In the last twenty years today actually being Friday the thirteenth I hate Dayton shows but excuse me for this reason this show. I'm GONNA get into. We're we're supposed to have a full moon actually harvest moon and it falls on Friday the thirteen so it's a full moon and the most unlucky day of the year Friday thirteenth now what happens is September thirteenth is on a Friday. It's considered to be bad luck day and it's a long standing being tradition this particular day there will be some special mood lighting in the night sky. Which is the new full harvest moon. It's a signal of the beginning of fall it. It gets its name because of the extra light that provides farmers for harvesting now the problem is the whole entire thing the last well the last time we had it was two thousand was was in two thousand all right. I'm getting into video so what it does is. The harvest moon allows the farmers to actually have more light more luminescence to harvest their crops. Now the the sad part is the whole entire thing doesn't happen until midnight so farmers are out there. I guess you know harvesting all the way till till midnight right. I guess if they're dumb enough. I guess if you're going to get the crops in front of thirteen I mean it's like a one two punch here. People were thinking everything weird happens on a full moon because of the magnetic force of the Earth's rotational gravitational pull of the polar opposite ice caps and stuff create some people to be weird now Friday thirteenth itself. You know they don't know where it started to what happened. The most one that everyone knows is that there was thirteen people thirteen dudes at the last supper and Jesus died on a Friday and this whole thing and stuff so there's Friday thirteenth but yeah this this today actually actually tonight is the full Moon Harvest Moon and Friday the thirteenth so everyone be careful there. Even if you're listening to the podcast a couple of days later learn stuff and think back like when Friday the thirteenth was and you know you stub your toe or something happening. GonNa that's probably why it was Friday thirteenth the number of full moon out there so I won't be careful. I won't be safe. Your own be calm. We'll get through this day we will. I promise you all together. We we will get through this day so someone else but a segue. What a segue there Deegan a lot. We lost a lot of people actually in the last that didn't and that aren't going to see this day we've also a lot of people. I don't know if you guys know that there's a thing about when celebrities die they die in threes and but there's there's gotta be there's a level of them for example. There's an a list celebrity and be less celebrity in seedless celebrity. I don't know if you guys know this now. Granted no a-list calm down everyone. I know a lot of people pass away a lot of people especially. The one girl who is a she was singing. She was a Latin Star and the fireworks fireworks. The stage pyrotechnics blew up and hit her in the stomach and bluer home tire guts out. She just passed away. I Apologize. I don't know her name but I mean look get up. Latin singer Jairo techniques exploded on her stomach and blue guts out but we have lost here in the United States some three staple people that have gotten through the sixties and seventies and when I say sixties and seventies and eighties. I'M GONNA call these three. This group of this is trio silas celebrities. Now you would think like Leonardo DiCaprio would be less. Let's say who who do you think of Bela celebrity would be. Maybe let's see I can't think of anyone off the top of my head. Seila celebrities people that were big in the like Helen Hunt she would be maybe A. B. Maybe a C- celebrity now. Maybe be celebrity still. She's still got a little Ricky Lake would be see. Maybe d you would think you know maybe she would so I'm looking for those of you. Don't know that we lost three C league celebrities and for those of you over the age of thirty years old at least thirty you might remember these people as well so any money. I must start off the top of the list with Eddie money. Just pass away and he sang songs. Take me home tonight. He he was actually suffer suffering from cancer for the last four months and it it took them took them out bang. He had stage four and it wiped them out. There was no come back and I don't. I know we did a lot of cocaine. I know we smoked a lot but I don't know what the reason behind that why you know solvable cancer answer what Lisa's Safa Cancer didn't Michael Douglas Loses half his tongue because of Catherine Zeta Jones Mary Tyler Moore Valerie Valerie Harper passed away. She died at the age of eighty which is a good year. Today I said goodyear good time she had eighty years she was doing gun and also easy rider. Peter Fonda died and you know him and his daughter with the what was his. What was his daughter's name? Peter Fonda and Brenda no no. Oh Jane Fonda Jane Fonda and Bridget Fonda and Bridget Fonda did a whole bunch of godfather three and stuff but Jane Fonda was the next one that that was causing a whole bunch of steam and a whole bunch of issues and stuff and when we come back steams issues what if you were to see something on Google Earth and you're going man. Something just doesn't look right about that when we come back. I'm gonNA tell you how Google earth has helped solve a mystery twenty years. If not over twenty years in the making you listen to deliver Barbara Ham radio.

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