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I defy everybody I'm in the middle of the road check out my podcast you'll find out road kill we talk about the most pressing issues most controversial issues of the day listen to road kill with are all the find it on the free I heart radio app apple podcast or wherever you listen to a podcast check it out they enter the home on highway forty after a day long standoff and found one man in the home they promptly arrested him Hancock says some changes are coming to make Denver streets safer for cars bikes and pedestrians the speed limit will drop from thirty five to thirty miles per hour on the albums between her on in federal this month the same thing will happen for other quarters this coming fall in St signage will mark pedestrian crossings at ten locations twelve on street bike corrals will go of this month and the fifteenth street bike lane will get added protections Hancock says these improvements all part of Denver's vision zero safety program to rebel K. way news ready a family out for a morning kayak on big soda lake got an unpleasant surprise they found a man's body floating you know obviously this would come as a shock to any family no there's at least a mother father and some children involved what Klay the parents realized very quickly what was happening and were able to get the children away before they saw anything that was one of the warm them John Romero with local police they say they're now looking at a possible link of a capsized boat found last Tuesday in a man's body found on Wednesday the identity of the man has not been released Denver airports take some lumps in the new list of the country's best and worst airports according the points guy de I a is just the country's thirty first best airport our next news update is coming up eleven thirty I'm Daniel shelling Kaylee newsradio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM.

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