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On unanswered ambitions Entertainment bothering me. And i said to my when i told my dad well i finally did. I told conan that. I want to move on to something else. And that the drywall. When you saw no he went he said oh he said at and to me. This is a huge deal. This is a huge scary scary thing to do and my dad's oh well that's a well. That's great i mean. I know it's really been weighing on you. And i know this is something probably hard really hard to tell but now you can go back to them right. If things don't work out right like maybe exotic such a such a few months for that one dad right off the bat. You know the fear of a dad. Yeah yeah oh that's brutal hundred if things don't work out kingdom crawling back oh crawling back and shrimp toes right. Yeah i guess i could dad. Thanks anyway bon voyage son. That's really wild about a risk. You know i. Yeah i can see i can kind understand but also oh you're a dad shit about dads. I've forgotten you know but i mean i. I'm not one of the room. I'm sorry role but i. I do like to think that. I'm one of those that learned from previous like rather than like i got. Hey so i'm gonna hayes. These mother fuckers. Get in here. You fucking pledges. Now you know. Pick up that olive off that ice block with your ass cheeks. I you know. I always felt like right. I was hazed. i didn't like it. I'm not gonna do that. Stop the cycle of new breaks the cycle of abuse and with my kids. I think i read that about andy richter on life breaking the cycle of abuse. Yeah he's cutting the cutting the though the string. That's on fire before the call. It was a lifetime movie. Breaking the cycle of abuse. People said the main beef was too many dick jokes. Dick not the time. I mean i wanted to make it funny. Right right comedian. Yeah yeah yeah. I think too. Much nudity from faraway. That was remote that i read. If you're going to have been. Why are you nude one hundred hundred yards away from them to ten. Hunting is what you were trying to make me feel. Yeah no i kind of always been like we. You know do what you want. I'll care and my ex wife used to be mad at me. Sometimes because i'd say she'd say i feel like you don't even really.

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