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Guys want to make it out for that we were previously sold out but since that second week opened up which was our home week we went ahead and open that up to everybody so that is out there. Plus February twenty twenty one is a hot seller in almost sold out already. So if you're interested in that trip that one is a pretty good one as well. In addition to that we have our deal coming up in Nashville in August. I am working on that room block. I kind of spoke too soon last week and we talked about this. But yes okay. It's all good. We do have the block. As a matter of fact it's going to get cheaper so we're going to get that going for you guys and that's pretty much all it's going on right now. Are you sure you're not forgetting podcast? Palooza October Oh yeah what about I am. I am pumped. So I thought I had M- outfits worked out and then I found something new and pinching pennies because it's not cheap but I think it'll be a lot of fun. Oh my God. It's not like break the bank expensive but I'm I'm kind of a frugal little miser over here. Oh since when when it's my money and not definitely check out podcast of in our show notes Mallory to tell you where they can find this. We'll get on with Damon. Malarde and sexist. Funny all right guys. We'll casuals everywhere reach out to us at podcast. At casual swinger DOT COM. You can find that. Our website casual springer dot com as well as social media. Facebook twitter instagram in Youtube. Look up on the dating sites that's SEC. As the less double D nation quiver and Cassidy do it folks checkout Damon Malarde. We've got some information in the show notes for.

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