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Cotton stocks listen to this and i'm reading this from this uh from the new york post strangely this is the second time in less than a week that cotton has caused an uproar lipscomb lipscomb university president ran be lowery was forced to send an apology letter to black students last week after they visited his home to discuss college life and this happens in college campuses oliver america the college president usually has a big beautiful home they entertain there so this college president lipscomb lipscomb university invites students to his home to discuss college life the students became outraged by a number of cotton stem center pieces that were set up around the residence now the show it was the causes other college president same guys get over yourselves it's cotton i mean we're we got cotton stem centerpieces he writes an apology they made him apologized to the black students and listen to what this college president wrote according the new york post the con ten of the centerpieces was offensive and i could have handled the situation with more sensitivity i shouldn't surely apologized for the discomfort anger or disappointment we caused and solicit your forgiveness please forgive me that i had my you know decorator or housekeeper whatever set up some college stocks as part of the floral arrangements and you dear student became triggered and europe set because you think i'm making some kind of racial statement by having cotton's stocks in my house listen the world is lose it between statues and school names and jefferson and washington now cot he is something that we should be fired up about as a society lord help us seriously lord help us one eight hundred six five five mike eight hundred six five five six four or five.

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