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At 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Now to rob woodfork. Colorado one game 6 of the Stanley Cup final two to one in Tampa Bay, the same way they got to that point, income from behind fashion, completing their record time tenth comeback victory of the postseason to win the franchise's third Stanley Cup. Nathan McKinnon scored one of the two second period goals and told ESPN. Some tough years mix in there, but it's all worth it now. We never stopped believing. The core guys have been around ten years now. It's so amazing to see these veterans that, you know, guys that haven't won it yet, so it's so amazing. As was kale mccart, the Khan smythe trophy winner, the national 6 four victory in Texas makes them winners of four of their last 6, a stretch opened and thus far closed by Jackson tatro. The Rookie started a week in which the national starters went three and one with a one 5 two ERA in 41 plus innings. So Dave Martinez is he keeping a spot in the starting 5? Yes, absolutely. He's going to stay. He's going to get you opportunity to pitch. Every 5 days and then we'll see where we go. But like I said, right now, he's done well. We'll go back and look at some things, talk to him tomorrow about some different things that we saw and then make a couple adjustments and then go from there. The Nats return home to open a three game series with the Pittsburgh pirates, the Orioles couldn't complete their first four game sweep of the White Sox in 27 years as Chicago's four three victory ended the O's four game win streak in golf we nearly saw a monumental collapse in Bethesda, where NG Chun saw her 6 stroke lead at the midway point of the women's PGA Championship, go to a two stroke deficit in the final round before eking out a one stroke victory for her third major. Rob woodfork WTO sports. The top stories we're following for you on WTO P. Pride parades returned in some of the nation's biggest cities this weekend, with participants voicing concern over their rights, following the Supreme Court ruling on abortion. At the G 7 summit in Germany, President Biden announced that the allies will ban imports of Russian gold. Russia has shattered weeks of relative calm in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, with a missile attack, at least one person was killed and 6 others injured. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. It's three 17 the nation's capital is proud of a lot of things, but not this, about 11,000 of its senior citizens, often don't have enough to eat. More from CBS News reporter, Christopher Cruise. The nonprofit feeding America says Washington D.C. has the highest rate of senior food insecurity of any city in America. More than 13%, but they say it's not because of a lack of available food. It's because of the challenges the city and nonprofit organizations face distributing it. The Washington Post reports the city delivered about 2 million meals last year, but some complain the city doesn't do enough outreach to its seniors. Many of whom face financial and transportation challenges and are isolated. Christopher Cruise CBS News Washington. Traffic and weather on the 8s to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center. Good morning to you. Thank you, Stephanie. If you're headed southbound on the fairfax county Parkway, the accident scene is reported to be right at the intersection of Pope's head road, and seeing some delays building on the southbound side, though, not the most dramatic one in the world. Do you follow police direction as you make your way past? Once again, that's the fairfax county Parkway southbound, your Pope's head road, southbound side of 95, the work crews along the left side of the roadway after one 23, single right lane gets you by with zero delays, so just don't bump into any cones while you're out there, headed westbound on 66, worker was near two 34, the Prince William Parkway, currently, looks like they are on the left gun state to the right, you may have two right lanes available to you there. Eastbound side looks good, no issues towards the beltway. In Maryland, the northbound side of two ten still has the war crew after Palmer road, you should have a single lane getting by as you head up towards the bellway itself. Inner loop, two right lane still blocked near Pennsylvania avenue with no delays either. Out of the beltway is quiet, no issues up towards route 15, continuing towards the BW Parkway. Southbound two 70, no accident scenes reported, just watch out for that sinkhole repair. That's just before three 70, there, of course, along the right hand side. Route 50 from the belt layout towards the bay bridge completely up to speed, and no issues to report on the BW Parkway. So if you're headed up towards BWI, you'll make okay time. I 95 headed southbound as you approach 100 hearing about an accident scene there as well. Sounds like they may be over on the shoulder, and if that is the case, do make sure to give them a little extra room. If you're on the right shoulder, step out of that right lane if you could. That way, if they have to walk around the vehicle or anything like that, they don't have a two ton vehicle driving past at 70 miles an hour. Scares me. If you're headed across the bay bridge, I already mentioned it, but I'll say it again. It's completely up to speed and you got your standard traffic patterns with two lanes taken to eastbound

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