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The Supreme Court could have been for being here. The Supreme Court could have done something here. Kate well in April. The high Court intervene in similar Wisconsin case, Judge Conley hadn't just extended by a week after Election Day. The deadline for mail in ballots to be received by state election officials have ordered that votes be counted even if they were mailed after Election Day and the Supreme Court State Conley's order. All for liberal block justice, including now deceased. RBG dissented from the unsigned opinion by a five justice majority. Majority concluded that's permit people to keep voting after election Day gravely affect the integrity of the election process. But the opinion took pains to emphasize it was forbidding the counting of post election mail in ballots because Conley had ordered it unilaterally. I either had been no request for that relief, which suggested if a party it ask for it, the court might have approved post Election day voting, which is insane. So now the court isn't essentially saying that They're going to put off decisions on whether or not to count ballots until after Election Day itself. So here's how this is gonna go. Let's say that it does come down to what we're talking about. It comes down to Pennsylvania. It comes down to states that have extended their voting deadlines after Election Day. Which is crazy, by the way, and now you have 1/9 justice on the Supreme Court. Amy Barrett is going to be confirmed this week or early next. And now Democrats proclaim that a five seat majority on the Supreme Court with Amy Cockney Barrett in the majority is illegitimate because Amy Cockney Barrett was ram through. The possibilities here are devastating. And if you're talking about the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, if that's John Roberts is chief concern, I cannot think of anything more calibrated to undermine that legitimacy than what the Supreme Court is doing right here. OK. Meanwhile, the debate is happening. Final debate between Trump and Biden is happening, and it's happening on Thursday night. Well now new rules have been set, according to The New York Times, President Trump and Joseph Biden will be muted during the portions of Thursday's final presidential debate, an effort by the organizer's to avoid the unruly spectacle that played out at the candidates first meeting in Cleveland. Last month. Now here's the thing. I don't think that you should meet the mikes. I actually don't think you should get the mix. The reason is, if you're a Democrat, I'm confused. Why you'd want to meet the mikes. If you look at the polls. What you see is that Trump's performance in the last debate killed them was terrible for him. He started dumping in the polls immediately after that before he even got cold. My polling data. So why exactly would you want me to Mike's? Okay, so find them using the mikes. As in the first debate, each candidate will be a lot of two minutes of speaking time to initially answer the moderators. Questions under plan announced on Monday. The opponent's Mike will be turned off during that period, an attempt to insure an uninterrupted response. Trump said he wasn't happy about it. Trump said all participate. I just think it's very unfair participate, but it's very unfair. They changed. The topic is very unfair that again. We have an anchor who's totally biased. Commission acknowledged both campaigns might be dissatisfied with the new rules. One might think they go too far. One might think they don't go far enough. Thursday. Debate is the final meeting of the of the candidates that were supposed to be three debates. The second one got cancelled because the debate commission unilaterally suggested that Trump's covert for mating even though there was no medical information that suggested that this was the case. Meanwhile, Bill Stepien, Trump's campaign manager, He claims to be nonpartisan Commission He called the D Biden Debate Commission. Had promised that the national debate would be about foreign policy and ask her to discard the six subjects announced last week by the moderator, Kristen Welker. Those topics are fighting Cove it American families race in America, climate change national security and leadership. You can see why the The Trump administration would like to talk about foreign policy, which is a big bright spot for them, as opposed to more conversation about racism and is from is trump a white supremacist in all this garbage again again. So Biden's people are, of course, very happy with the rule changes once again will be Trump versus the moderator for sure. More than a second. But first, let's talk about the air but that you are using Are they really good? Are they nice? Because the air was you're using? Probably they were either way too expensive, but they're not very nice. 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