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Comey join the faculty of the university in august but some student groups opposed to hire a mysterious message that appeared on tv screens in california left some viewers rattled some people watching tv in southern california interrupted by an emergency alert flashing across they're screens thursday and an ominous message demands voice warning realize this extremely violent times will come this reported by customers of cox communications cable service and spectrum cable according to the orange county register cox believes the problem happened because of a radio station emergency test that a technical malfunction caused it to go on longer than it should have and that the broadcast picked up an audio feed that bled into the alert it's unclear whether that audio is related to a prophecy about catastrophic events saturday lilian wu fox news electronc music pioneer gary filmon has any wellknown out and he says he has president trump's at thank newman says by the end of 2015 he didn't know what to write about so he took some ideas from an unfinished post akhil epic novel he's been working on lethal a sarah fox news radio hey y'all scott here so made a little bit of money in the sort economy only to find that the fed is more or less outlawed saving so into the treacherous waters of the stock market bubble ugo but how to make a little money without too much risk of losing it all check out.

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