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To be a little easier. If you're not working on this Monday, right or if you're out of your regular routine. I tell you what I would rather work a holiday and trade for a very like commute very excited about driving home this morning is I'll be home probably ten minutes quicker than I normally would it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Thanks so much for tuning in. I sometimes drive it like I stole it. But I am not the driver. Not even half the driver there. What we see in NASCAR at the highest level. The monster energy something something somethings. They've changed the name so many times I can't even keep up its NASCAR. And it was the Daytona five hundred and even if you're not a NASCAR fan, even if you know nothing else about the sport, you know, about Daytona eight is as we're talking about with Charlotte the all star game. It's the place to be JJ. Watt was the grand marshal. Julian Edelman was the guy. Who waved the green flag when they first crossed the start line. If the great American race, it's the Super Bowl of racing. And it's one of my favorite Sundays of the year. Except the ending kinda spoiled it. Yes, I stuck around to watch the ending. Because I'm a diehard and because I wanted to see what happened, but I fear. That FOX was likely hemorrhaging viewers when the last twenty laps took nearly an hour and a half. In this day and age in two thousand nineteen when we want instant gratification, and we can barely sit still. I mean, I'm guilty of it. I'm constantly on my remote, my clicker. I don't watch commercials, I get bored. If I don't have the entertainment to keep me interested half the time, I'm doing something else. While I'm watching TV. This is the showcase for NASCAR. The idea is that if you get sucked in today, Tony if they give you a good product. Well, then you might try out other races throughout the season. Even if you don't know where they're racing or anything about the other tracks. But in the final twenty laps. There was a twenty one car crash. Twelve cautions five Rex to red flag stops, meaning they stopped everything on the track to clean up debris and oil. There was an accident on pit road. And they were broken down NASCAR utility truck. One of the track dryers. It was a disaster. Even Darrell Waltrip called a crazy. And so it's unfortunate because I feel like this. What is one of my favorite events? All the pomp and circumstance that comes along with Daytona. This marquee moment was marred by this finish. And there's not a whole lot. The NASCAR can do about it. Some of this is being aggressive because it's the most important race on the circuit. And everybody wants to win it. So sometimes drivers are overaggressive, but the other pieces with all of the retirements all of the. The big names that you may remember who are now owners or involved in some other aspect of racing like broadcasting there've been so many mass defections a veteran drivers that you're talking about budget newbies out there guys who were really inexperienced. And so they don't exactly know how to handle bump drafting a Daytona. They don't know how to handle two and three wide racing. In some of those curves. And so you had a really thinned-out feel by the time. They went over time. Green white checker. Because you had eight drivers who were making their Daytona five hundred debut debuts plus another rookie. This is kind of the the biggest nightmare for Daytona. Except there is some saving grace at the end, which was really cool. Denny hamlin. Who is one of the remaining veterans won his second Daytona in four years. But this is one in which he his team owner believes that was divide intervention. And you know is team owner, even if you know nothing about NASCAR. You know, Joe Gibbs football hall of Famer three times over bowl champion two stints with the Redskins. He and his son j d started this race team started J G R, which is Joe Gibbs racing. And then when coach Gibbs went back to the Redskins for his second stint, which was early two thousands, his son J D was running the operation. And in fact, J D is the one who recruited Denny Hamlin. JD died a month ago because of a neurological disorder. I've never seen. Joe Gibbs that emotional I've had a chance to interview them before. He's the class of the sport. He brings professionalism. Work ethic. Dignity everywhere. He goes. Whether it's football whether it's racing. He's an author. He's a speaker. I've never seen him as emotional as I saw him yesterday. After one of their drivers won the five hundred dislike to retrace for a minute. What happened, and I wish is this the most emotional and the biggest win I've ever had in my life and anything. JD race team was the guy that ran day to day operations for twenty seven years. He invested his occupational. Life in our race team. And is a part of that he went up to purchase some way model stuff from Danny and struck up a relationship with Dinnie put him on a test. Xfinity car Darlington in. Finally, you said when you sign this guy. So that started the relationship and everything and thank you for that. I check by the way, I got Senator rims for my truck and a plasma TV. Of course. I was in high hours. Hit. That is the truth. He had nothing. And three years later. He bought a house next to me that was twice as big as my house tells you get wrong every. Safe to say that it's been a prosperous relationship. But JD is the one who recruited Denny Hamlin. And now it's Hamlin. And Joe Gibbs coach Gibbs sitting there in victory lane talking about this Daytona five hundred he also mentioned we've been here twenty seven times. And we've only won twice they actually had a one two three finish on Sunday and coach Gibbs pointed to divine intervention a month after he lost his son. So if you stuck around for the end of the day tone of five hundred you were rewarded with this amazing story and some very emotional moments. I just want to quote, coach Gibbs warmer time most emotional and biggest win of ever had in my life in anything. So three times Super Bowl champ. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Here's our latest sports update. Good morning. Jacob Wilkins the morning, Amy Lawrence..

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