President Trump, Senator, Commissioner Mike Busch discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


The death toll is expected to go up after a pair of mass shootings at mosques in New Zealand national police Commissioner Mike Busch says it happened people gathered for Friday prayer of the forty people vein treated crossed your choice. Little one has now passed. So the total number. Have died in this horrendous event, forty nine prime minister, just send era Dern says it was a Senator attacked that could've killed even more people from what we know it does appear to have been well planned to explosive devices attached to suss speaks vehicles have now been found, and they have been disarmed at least four people now in custody. Three men. One woman. One of them has already been charged with murder police in the US specifically in Los Angeles are ramping up security surrounding their mosques after the attack the president sending his thoughts and prayers his sympathies to the people of New Zealand via Twitter. President Trump says he will veto a resolution passed yesterday in the Senate to block his national emergency declaration at the southern border. The president will argue that this is about border security tried to ramp up the pressure on these Republicans take contain the defectors by arguing that a vote for this was a vote for Nancy Pelosi a vote for open borders, but Republicans say this isn't about border secure. This isn't about the president's wall. This is about the constitution and concerns that the president is overstepping by going around congress, which of course, does have the power of the purse that is ABC's Mary Bruce before that vote. There was a lot of speculation about what Colorado's GOP Senator would do Cory Gardner considered a very vulnerable in two thousand twenty will hill he decided to back. The president. The move has led the Denver post with frauds endorsement of Senator gardeners. Reelection bid crews still working to get heat and lights back on for tens of thousands of homes across the metro area. This week's winter storm knocked out power leading XL energy to call an extra crews to help out as of this morning. Just over thirty two thousand customers are still in the dark, but that's a far cry from the more than two hundred and fifty thousand lost power at the height of the storm. Another three hundred contractors and accelerate police from other states are expected to arrive today to help out those efforts have been hampered by closed roads. Chad Hoffman KOA NewsRadio. It is the.

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