Philadelphia - Pennsylvania Supreme Court Throws Out Republican Congressman’s Lawsuit Challenging All Mail-In Votes


Court has unanimously unanimously dismissed dismissed the the lawsuit lawsuit by by Republican Republican lawmakers lawmakers dealing dealing another another blow blow to to the the president's president's reelection reelection campaign campaign Cable Cable Ow Ow is is Antoinette Antoinette Lee Lee has has that that story. story. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed a lawsuit by Republican lawmakers, claiming the state's mailing voting law is unconstitutional and reversed a lower court's order that puts certification of the vote on hold. The court says the lawmakers led by western Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly waited too long until After the election and days before certification to follow suit on that basis. In a concurring statement, Justice David Wet notes There's no mechanism for the state Legislature to choose the state's electors, one of the suggestions GOP lawmakers made in their suit and swing at Lee Cala

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