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As it's in the room of barbara mandrell singing. 'when country wasn't cool and george jones coming on there at the end of that scene when he comes out right there as peanuts in your coat right there so we're at our friends house and he was having trouble with his pool so i went down into the filter and he had these little white. Look light low Pieces of candy could figure out what it was. I pulled it out. And i smelled it in. They had chlorine tablets in there. So i had the strong smell of chlorine on my finger. And i felt like a high schooler. After his first day i was kept sniffing is like man that chlorine takes me back to a good place. You remember the public pools in the seventies in. You'd end up going to somebody's pool and their parents didn't know what they were doing and they had shocked the poo. And you're in there and you're wanting to swim. Nobody had pulled back if you went. Somebody's house there was a pool. You don't wanna get out because you might not. You weren't going back into a pool to your parents. Stayed at the holiday inn. I remember we'd pull up to motels and my dad would would be out. He would go out and start go to pay and while he was paying mug we get into a pool right. Now get the pool right now and it wasn't much of a pool of just a little this little hole right near the entrance memory. Have the drive up a little entrance all the motels back then. Had that all us kids who are getting man. Getting in the pool was the deal to shoot it. Nobody maintained a pool because nobody had a pool and there was at one family. The freeze kellyanne cow. Free had a pool. I remember they had a pool. It was a big deal. If you got invited their house you went and you brought your swim trunks. And you were going in that pool by god you will go into pu. But that smell of chlorine all that took me back to a good spot one other reminiscence and then we'll get back to it. I saw somebody the other day. I went to buy crockett. Subdue cleats and there was a kid that put these tennis shoes on and they were kind of casual but sporty tennis shoes and the shoe salesman said. Would you like to wear them out. And he said no took his shoes off. Put him back in the box and put his regular shoes back on as a kid. If i got a new pair of shoes would you like to work. Yes i cannot. Take these off my feet i to wear these right now. You get out. You're getting into car. That kid has too much stuff. That's a kid with too much stuff. If you don't wanna wear your shoes out of the store you got. It's not even exciting anymore for us when you got a new pair of shoes you get in a car. You look at their own good. Yep yep see how much faster you can run you get vast.

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