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Angry backlash saying among some white males also show up amongst black and latino males out of a sense of lost entitlement that then is taken out on women and girls and when it comes to masculinity today professional get also thinks we need to look beyond the angry backlash we know that we're in a period of great flux around gender roles men today in many families are doing far more childcare than their their fathers ever did they're doing the dishes more they're much more involved in the domestic life of families that doing it both because their partners insist upon it but also because many of them want to be involved with their kids want to be nurturers wanna be providers in ways that go beyond a paycheck and that suggests that the role of men is evolving but we don't know what's involving to and that's where i think critical discussion about men's roles in society about what does it mean to be a man today are very important in and we need to recognize issues like race and class complicate the way we think about masculinity because it means different things in different contexts i couldn't agree more at what what patriot just said the other thing is that not only are we doing more housework and childcare than ever before and not only do we want to but we're actually liking it so anybody who comes along as jordan peterson does and says we should return to those traditional ways is unlikely to rent a nate with women at all because i don't think to you know i don't think that women you for example are going to have some kind of v8 moment where you hit yourself upside the head and say you know what they were right let's stop voting let's stop working let's stop driving cars let's up serving on juries let's stop having orgasms i mean that's not gonna happen so the question is not whether we are going to return to traditional roles we are not going to quote make gender great again unquote what we are going to do is move into the future and the future is far more egalitarian than the past because to underline what patriots said this is not simply normative this is not simply what men should be doing it's what men are doing and it's what men feel motivated to be doing that is the done deal we're not gonna go backward and speaking about masculinity with professor better noguera of ucla and dr michael kimmel of stony brook university i wanna share call with you guys we got this call from tampa florida and we'll get your reaction after this is decoding throwing up i was never a man i like the indoors musicals and being pretty i was one hundred percent straight i didn't understand why the men bullies thought i was gay i wish we could live in a world where men didn't have to act like society says a man needs to well dakota's comment is something that i think both paid and i were talking about earlier that many men experienced masculinity or the traditional definition of masculinity as a kind of straightjacket like why can't i like musicals why can't i like things that are why can't i have a sense of grace and style without people thinking that i'm not a real man so here's the thing that i think is interesting what i think we we are looking for we're all looking for is a way to expand the possibilities the range of what is acceptable male behavior because we're living in a world today where the questions about what gender means what the gender binary is as its dissolving i think that continue dimissed flattening people are are are saying we want to be able to be more expressive on a variety of different dimensions and i think that that's all really exciting so you know it's a when sort of facetious comment might be dakota you were born twenty years too early because it's coming man so i wanna throw in a monkey wrench here because i mentioned i am latina and i would describe myself as a feminist and i'm also a heterosexual woman so that's my intersection i think that there is a very oppressive much easement within our culture in this in this country very broadly but there are also things and maybe i'm defining this in incorrectly there are also things about quote unquote masculinity that i think are honorable there's there's telling me i can't sit in the passenger seat.

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