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On say on it and pull the hot sauce out of the purse and and add to that because I find and again I've got a pretty I don't like to feel pain when I eat I've got a pretty now I don't I don't I don't get that delight to often with friends in my life Yup sure you've seen him on TV get up and I take but like Whatever this it is a rarity in this day and age where you know you develop a relationship with visit personality and they're all these attributes that that you kind of to them in your own yes that's right and end to have you validated in this manner so I'm coming up the three of us me you in and my my first Takehiro it was I mean he he's he's an og though where where the three of us going to eat where the three good neat is there a commissary at espn we we do go off campus oh well here's the thing is there is not there's Nary a vending machine I think they're trying to keep a skinny for television. I don't know what this is literally not even the vending machine in our area there's a John George restaurant in the same building and George restaurant there's a Malibu farm and is also bar why you WANNA call it which is none other than friend of the podcast David Chang Yeah Yeah Yeah Jay's places right there that's where you're at yeah that's right that would be the most convenient place I'm not saying these are the best restaurants in New York City I'm saying these are the best restaurants are literally within thirty hearts of Square much studio is all right so that that's where we're doing I'm coming up this fall we're going out the three of us are going to sit down and I I'm only reason I don't like this idea 'cause like I'm afraid that you and Marcus bills be better friends than me and market spirits you know those friends delightful he's so good Luke I mean I'm I'm down here in the DMV so you you guys will get in the way of your relationship and I will tell you one thing that's going to be in my backpack todd's interview eighty yeah it is a huge economy on that I cannot recommend todd's and everybody any higher it's so delicious David Jacoby you could see every day of the week on Jalen and Jacoby on ESPN two in the afternoon they repeated at night that's when I catch it thank you for coming on Today hungriest homey one quick thing please I love you Joe House I love you to David Jacoby I love you too nephew kyle thanks nick thank to the Homie Jacoby Right on point with the hottest takes on the hot sauce. We're.

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