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So i don't know like i'll talk about love right let's see georgia united against grim nation project of statewide lgbtq rights rights group george in quality center e blast out followers day before the meeting urging than the contact that senators can't let lawmakers forget what's at stake first foremost the wellbeing of fourteen thousand children are doctrine of foster care system child welfare advocates have been clear that allowing the doctrine agencies to discriminate won't help place more children with lovely love and families if fact it would let lgbt youth language even longer in the system and sp three seventy five could dila series blow to our chances of landing amazon's new headquarters that's why this morning atlanta metro chamber georgia chamber spoke out strongly in the ajc against the bill rush a message to your senator now letting them know georgia's simply cannot afford this license to discriminate as thirty seven it's saturday couldn't even just appeal straight to the morality but had to be like and we're gonna lose out on money not not telling them they wrong for that i'm just saying it's sad that we live in a world where you have to be like guys we won't get headquarter for amazon dr care out that maybe no not a remain we've got our help gay keys and gave peoples mail no here flook meanwhile keys in them jobs meanwhile i mean is not like there are lgbtq couples that can find a way to have a fucking baby ride fucking while i mean honestly lessons could be popping joins out to apply to appease dr like you you not going to be able to stop this hours trying to stop some already going to happen like we have stop abortion we'll nick is to have to have saved wins or we can have fucked up one's own could go happen we gotta stop out of sex work let me tell you them people that have money and fix genitals are going get t you to spend money on other people that have sex genitals and wanna have sex with them the money none you do stop that older profession in the world they always stop stop being gay he's going to keep having it you can't outlaw the gay like is not going to be keep popping out being boring a dog.

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