Shopper's Guide: Cheap TVs

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Those new. Tv's on sale during the holidays are pretty amazing. Two hundred dollars two hundred twenty five dollars one hundred and fifty dollars some as low as ninety nine dollars. What's the catch folks. What's the catch will here. It is many of them use different software platforms that you really need to be up about before you make the purchase for instance. Would you like to watch. The sequel. To the wonder woman called wonder woman nineteen eighty-four that is debut on christmas day on streaming television in a few theaters. Why no. I'd like to see it. But if i go out and buy the new. Tcl roku branded tv. I can't watch wonder woman nineteen eighty-four because roku doesn't do business with hbo. Max the channel. That is running. Wonder woman on christmas day. Confused let me fill you in on the different platforms. Starting with roku they have a wonderful tv. These tcl td's that roku branded you don't have to buy a streaming stick everything is built in there's hundreds of channels everything but hbo. Max which is the new channel that debuted in may. It costs fifteen dollars a month. It gives you plus the warner brothers library films. Like wonder woman nineteen eighty-four the friends reunion. It's coming next year. Reruns of the fresh prince of bel air. Lots of really good stuff. Beyond that roku has disney plus it has peacock it has the roku channel which is ad-supported and shows everything from the hunger games movies to older. tv classics. Like bonanza roku is a great tv. But if you're gonna wanna see wonder woman you're going to need to buy an amazon fire stick streaming device for about twenty five dollars plug it in and watch wonder woman on hbo. Max on your tv. That's the workaround speaking of amazon fire. Tv addition amazon branded. Tv's are available from cigna. Which is the best. Buy house brand and toshiba. They're aimed at cord cutters the advantages that you don't have to buy a fire tv stick to get streaming since it's built into the set. The good news is amazon. Has disney channel and hbo max but it doesn't have nbc universals peacock which is another new channel. That debuted in july amazon promises voice control with these sets to direct the alexa personal assistant to turn on and off the tv and select channels for you but to do that. You need to enable the alexa skill in your app. Repressed the voice command on the remote control. Plus channel selection won't work with the cable box just antenna tv android google tv. While the google platform is best known on sets from sony. Tcl and high sense and they had the google assistant and chromecast streaming platform built in well in september. Google announced the new google tv with takes more. Google centered approach tv by offering personal suggestions to tv shows. It thinks you wanna watch. The suggestions come from google following your taste on google search and youtube us additionally google tv will enable you to run your smart home the google nest devices and use and use your google photos collection as a screensaver however google tv is currently only the the the twenty twenty fifty dollar chromecast streaming device. Google says it will come. The tv's from sony and other android partners in twenty twenty one with google no issue with hbo max or peacock. They got them. All finally ties in. That is the name for samsung's tb operating system and several new models. Answer to many including google assistant amazon's alexa and samsung's own bixby. Samsung has its own free channel. Which is similar to amazon's imdb and the roku channel called tv plus any resemblance to blow. Td is not accidental. Pluto runs the samsung channel under the samsung name questions about tv platforms. I'm here to help. I'd love to hear from you on twitter. Where match jefferson graham. You've been listening to talking tech.

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