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On this going to be more like never heard. Thomas the only one that we are we knowingly at least know is drinking while we podcast. So yes. This. Is the wonderful Sandra clues? Oh, and he's coming to us from Florence Italy Sandra is a longtime td animator and master He is working right now I don't know if we can say what he's working on now, but he has worked on. Films like Mary poppins returns the animated a pieces of that and Claus Claus I, called it glues Oh who's Klaus. And we could. We could mention Sandra working together right now on space jam to exactly which is actually not space jim to it's called. What do you know Sandra Already. At I don't know about this. Yeah. They they didn't want they want to add the to So it's a new legacy space jam a new legacy. Let's the auditions. Is going to come on yeah yeah. Well. What is it called Mary poppins to it was right no Mary poppins return Oh. That's right. Okay. See it's not popular to put the two on anymore. Land thing I know we can't. Yeah. Anyway today Tom we're going to be yeah, I know this is so exciting you guys and thank you for all everybody for joining us and we have a huge live crowd that's watching us now be zoom. So thank you all for coming. We want to get right into it. Tom I. You know I Tony Let me jump in real quick and then Tony and I for those that don't know. Passed it. We are twin brothers are past Disney animation. Also, we worked there for many years and worked on a lot of the nineties to two thousands legacy kind of films, which is being be Selanne Pocahontas Milan Tarzan a bunch of those emperor's new groove come on. Yeah cronk sorry and then have sense both had our own companies and have been published a art. Art Instruction Books, and things like that as well as now instructors at animation schools, all schools that we started the animation and many of us many you might know just from being too old guys talk on the bancroft Brothers Animation podcasts which this'll be one also ultimately. So thank you guys for joining us and let's get right into it. I wanted to talk a little bit about and ask the panel here. What was your first? We're talking about two D animation. So certainly, Tom I have experienced there and Fon Fon stories and anecdotes about how we fell in love with two. D. Animation It's certainly has a certain magic to it, but for you guys and I'll throw this out to Tracy I. What was the first two D animated either TV show or film that you saw as a child at the kind of what was the thing that ignited that love for to DNA Shen I, think probably the first things that I was exposed to on the regular and that I really fell in love with worthy looney tunes, shorts they of course were much older much before my time. But by when I was a little kid, they were on Saturday Sunday morning and so I would suggest that Over and over and over again and Originals correct. Yeah. Yeah. The original like the forties and fifties and science jim a ferret like director for Geeky people that love looney tunes there either Chuck John's. Too, but I mean, it's hard to pick. You know frizzes good but. Well even as a kid would Tony didn't know the difference between those directors but we knew that if if a at the very beginning after the MGM lion. Tom Would come on and go here. We knew that was a Chuck Jones. That was his intro. Yeah. And I think probably the first Seattle. Animated thing I saw was who framed Roger Rabbit that certainly left an impression in the of course, that was a mix of duty in live action but. That sold me. Yeah. So Tony Work on that he's holding really. Wow. No. Tom. Alana's a little. Rely on this podcast, don't you worry hat? Okay. Tom More Tom same question. What was the thing that that floated your boat with to the animation? Your I have a strong member of being at a birthday party and we were like eight or nine or something and. They guy whose birthday sister on her friends were there and the mom put on the secret name for little girls to watch I ended up, sitting down, watching it and a member at one point seeing all my friends laughing at me is looking at cartoons with little girls. I didn't air. Eastern. By zeke them. Ireland island shamed for loving animation that was the thing. Yeah, I don't know I. Don't know if it was changed for love animation was more seen that I'm sitting down with all the little kids up out the older kids or something but as I got older I was fairly. I was fairly well known for being sold into comics and cartoons and stuff like that. I was a bit of unawed. Basel. Yeah wasn't the Sports Guy Anything I relate to your story Steve while eager we went through that. Did You Called me. Knows me. Thank you. Thank you. We seem entities do. Those. That are the podcast later won't understand the reference to Steve also probably. We're including at all even though it's all right. All right Sandra how `bout you. Yeah. You know for me I grew up in. Brazil. In would. The is very popular. I think the first thing I remember as a kid seen. Woody woodpeckers, kind of the Jerry Lewis Animation. I'm very noxious is huge Brazil huge huge. Really really. Yeah. Dairy are big out there. Two right aren't. Popular. Packers is even even more popular. Do you think that that kind of animation that real kind of Vaudeville hit over the head stuff like Tom and Jerry? Don't it translates really well, you can take the English. I don't know I have no idea is just became. So popular you ready for some Gig, Trivia about woody I don't know if you know that you know everything already Sandra. You're probably wrong. But the story I heard is that woody woodpecker was created by Freddie, Moore? Who is before the nine old men of Disney Freddy Moore created the real look of of Mickey Mouse that we know today and Freddie more was freelancing and I think it's Walter Lantz that produce all the woodpeckers and he you know they knew each other in the industry and fray more created the first woodpecker. Do you know that not ever heard? Okay. It's true then. What I know is that framework there for a while until I hear from Disney maybe he me. That's Was 'cause there's an earlier version of woody and actually see it in who framed Roger Rabbit back to Tracy They had that the original like really screwy looking would. End The longer beam in and redesigned him. So that's the story but I heard he was a drunk out of his out of a skull when he created woody Woodpecker Kaas, Freddie was known to be an alcoholic by that point where we can assume that part's true. That was really distasteful though. This has been derailed but I wanNA get an okay..

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