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I guess you know where I'm going and I'm trying to bring the audience along what we've come to understand is a lot of these groups that routinely testify in defense of these pedophile in these trials are kind of a will organize. Yes work of the false memories yes phony Baloney Shit connected with NAMBLA and this guy sounds like kind of the same thing in the fast. He's kind of hand picked to come in and give testimony contradict. You know to to put the facts in a certain way. Have you done any investigation into who might have been behind positioning him in that way? Other than grey colour have not been able to figure out anything else that goes higher than him now. Greenberg charging Health Realty Services. One hundred sixty eight thousand dollars for his work on the finder's case I mean. He was offered nine contracts for his work on the Finder's case improve Florida's response and training handle child sexual abuse after the case in Greenburgh even mentions through some of the articles that he does. The children were neglected. Unlike mcmartin read it and take nothing happened but he later came to the conclusion that they were not sexually abused. And so we'd only evidence that we have of sexual abuse is the examinations by Dr Moore who I tried to track down to but he's been deceased for five years and I'm still trying to track down Jane Up Patillo of the Florida Health Rehabilitation Services. This if I can get her side my he mentioned that it was in a preliminary review. This isn't you know this isn't i? Wish we had something more substantial than his plan to remove. I haven't been no. There's more than what's in the Pharma Documents imacs Livingstone lack anal speaker control consistent with previous previous sodomy and Jordan. Rico's right Hyman was absent and a large orifice which is consistent with Digital Penetration. That was never followed up so other than other them eventually saying that that nothing happened both times police department and the news media and Dr Nyman Greenberg so so. Here's the really interesting part of this story. And that's a misstatement because the whole story is interesting but let's skip ahead a little bit because the Tallahassee police are still investigating this and then there are call off it said. Hey maybe you don't WanNa look there and then let's lead back to As quickly as we can Martinez because I think that provides overwhelming evidence that these kids were being sexually molested abused tortured all the rest of it. So tie those strings together so as far the ties to police department is concerned the skip clements gave me an interview that the FBI in Jacksonville told the FBI Tallahassee to told the the ties the police department to wrap up their case recovering on the other hand just says the case was done. It had that they had reunited the children with their parents and it was up to the courts to decide whether or not anything had occurred when the children should be released back to their parents. I WanNa talk to Scott Hunt of the police department who is very vocal. At the time he was though organizer of the press about what was going on that the children were molested and at it was satanic ritual abuse. But he will not talk to anyone so hopefully one day. They Scott listens to this interview. I I hope that he does reach out to me. Reaching Derrick rose or just reaches out that someone so that is the way it is framed. Was that it's you know it just was natural course investigation. It was wrapped up and it was put off to the courts. Okay so this is what I heard. I guess I'm picking through these little bits that I remember. I heard there's people in the Tallahassee police that are really pissed off and I'm like what the Hell is going on. What do you mean? Wrap up our investigation. That's what clements said it. I would have to do with them. Because the Tallahassee Police Department documents are not redact I've made the F. B. I. released Hassi Please Farber. Doc documents redacted them and you're supposed to redact certain information most documents. Those documents are not redacted at all what I hear you saying is they are making a statement in not redacting those documents. They're saying we're not playing ball here in hiding this crime. That's what I hear you so I would have to say yes. I have no firm evidence on that I just have to say with what I know A. Yeah because most of the time you're supposed to redact certain information victims names sometimes or especially if their children you're supposed to redact their names. No reductions were performed even when I got the store for the Police Department Documents James Tower and I've seen many many many different types of documents ranging from law enforcement to FBI to see. I you reduce your supposed to redact some things ties and I'm grateful to redact anything. Nothing's redacted in a tacitly farm documents. It's just the documents and we have further evidences story. Goes that would corroborate and seem to be consistent with this idea that they were pulled off of a case that they didn't think they should be pulled off of and that's what gets us to Martinez when the same thing happens to him. So who is Ramon J Martinez? And how does he fit into the story? So ramone J. Martinez was an exemplary customs. Officer who worked for the Child Pornography on division headed by John Sullivan and your basic timeframe Mrs Ladies so as nineteen eighties. He's working for the customs office. What is the Customs Office doing investigating child pornography at one time they did they don't anymore that was ended after the finders in? Bay tried to get another. Bill passed by a Tom. Lewis Representative Tom. Lewis in Florida to reinstate the Child Pornography Unit fee. But Not John. Whenever I ask you a question you jumped three steps ahead. You're in customs. Customs is responsible for stuff that comes into the trafficking trafficking the bad stuff out in only letting good stuff in so. It isn't too much of an extension of those responsibilities to think that they would be interested in children who are not coming in and pornography that violates our laws if we child pornography done by somebody overseas. That is not supposed to come in so that might be under the purview of of Customs. It was in the nineteen eighties so Martinez was responsible for looking into this. And what does he stumble across in Washington? Dc So when the Tallahassee information's going on they contact the Washington Metropolitan Police Department wants to find out that the finders are off their Washington. So the Ma Washington Metropolitan Police Department contacts the FBI. They contact the Customs Agency so Ramone J. Martinez goes to investigate the finders warehouse in the fighters apartments buildings on W. Street and so during his investigation which I later cooperated. I'm the first person that I know of to get his partner Herald on the record with what he found about Harold. Okay so we've had Ramon Martinez reportedly Vincent Investigation. It's been on the Internet system. The days of US net back in the nineties big picture. What does that report say and then tell me about what his partner stories? I'm going to get to that. Assembly going to disclose something here that has not previously know. It's very important Bob Herald report of investigation used to be on us net to is completely scrubbed off the face of the Internet and does not exist. I cannot find Bob Herald. Tried to find a. He can't find it he doesn't have a copy of it does not exist so they set up the narrative. What I'm about to tell you about Ramon Martinez. He was alone nodar that he did this to advance his position and costumes. He made it all up and try to bury any cooperating evidence the the to his report of what he found. And that is complete an honor. Bullcrap okay well. It's again. We're going to get back. It's bullcrap because the Tallahassee police in nineteen eighty-seven arrested these guys in the park and there were all these kids that were severely mistreated and the kids tie back to Washington DC. I mean there's direct that that's why the Tallahassee police was even able to tell Martinez and as you point out Washington DC police say Oh yeah that place. We investigated that years ago. We've been investigating ever seen over the past couple of years because of reports that have called in and stuff like that. It's nothing new so that that false narrative. I mean we can spend some time on it like you're saying to let people know that it's a false narrative but we don't have to over emphasize it because it's just frigging ridiculous given everything we know. So now what does Martinez report? Actually say because we're every reason to believe that that's more truthful than the false narrative. And how does you know about healthy? You talked directly. What are those reports collectively? Let us know. So I they raid the w street apartments in there they find finders member Stuart Miles Silverstone in a room that contain many computers printers and contain numerous documents. Now when I talked to herald he told me that a majority of the computer equipment was taken out that before they had gotten there someone had tipped them off before they had raided the apartments and the warehouse. We talk about the war warehouse rate later and computers that were in the Warehouse. Were they had quite a bit in there. Too as well was completely gone. Okay and where else did they raid? The the the fighters warehouse in Washington. Dc rated both places so they found documents supposedly containing instructions on him taking children for unknown purposes. They found telex messages with MCI account numbers. They found one telex order to purchase of children of two children in Hong Kong to be arraigned from contacting the Chinese Embassy in Hong Kong of they found a Chinese national gene. Sing Wong who was an anatomy student at at Georgetown University who was staying there to also and of course Mary who was Giorico to the Tallahassee Police Department she claims that you know there are a lot of Chinese people that were around the apartments and they actually taught her to count the tinted Chinese. So this also that that's fantastic. In information it's horrible information but glad that you share all that don't they also find information on instruction manuals and how to groom part of what pornographers and child molesters would would have other consistent information with that. They find books on mind control in they find books on papers about the impregnation of the women in the finders group operation because his trip because this is people should know that among some of these groups that commit these horrible crimes against children. They're done at a very young age. So newborns infants you know. It's just prime property to this kind of evil and they also found a summary of events of Tallahassee that was being communicated by the fighters operation from the because there's two vans there was a group of fighters members who were not caught a separate from Amerman and Hollowell that went back to DC afterwards. They were sending information from a second. Trs Eighty computer. That was found outside of the University of Florida. Bengo so we have to wreck connection between the Tallahassee case and again it's like that's pissing me off about the false narratives. I'm why do we even have to talk that much about it? But there's another interesting thing that I want to get out is. There was a series of instruction. Ross how to continue moving children to avoid police detection will why what children what children other than the six children were. They you know. The deals were put into protective custody. And so you have a detail summer events of what happened in Tallahassee. Why would you get orders about a moving children to avoid police detection after so we have an incredibly creepy evil in in the way that that anyone would account for it and we'll talk about extended consciousness Mabel and talk about Christianity and Satanism all that stuff but this is evil right? So this is anyone would say anyone says this is evil. These are defenceless human beings at such a tender age. There are derived their innocence. Their lives are destroyed. It's not innocence. Their entire lives are destroyed. Their psyche is destroyed adding on their adding onto it. Mind Control and all this other horrible horrible horrific stuff. How does that connect to our United States government because it does directly in you have proof of it and we need to get that proof out there so people do want to say about the warehouse real quick that they did find Dr Nation Center. They found video equipment found jars of urine and feces in the residential area. So the warehouse. You know like when I talked about the information with Herald. He mentioned that. They had computer equipment. There that they were tipped off beforehand the night before that they had Chinese witnesses who owned a warehouse next to the finers warehouse that they were loading equipment and boxes and boxes into vans the night before the raid occurred so it took them off right which is important to know but we have enough information there to sink them a million times over and put them way down where they need to go. So imagine again. This is a law enforcement investigation Martinez in Herald are there with the rest of their investigators. It's a raid. We've seen him on. Tv We know this is what this is like but this rate only go so far because again they get the tap on the shoulder. Right well the information disappears when Martinez and Harold go to review the information you know the telex is the documents that they had fouled when they go to look at the evidence it's gone it's miraculously disappeared. It cannot be found and then Martinez meets with a source off the record that you know pretty much tells them that's it..

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