Seattle - Now that Thanksgiving is over comes fears of a new COVID-19 spike


With Thanksgiving and all the warnings about large gatherings behind US. Health experts are bracing for what the next couple of weeks might bring from the Corona virus pandemic. It's really hard to predict months out where we will be in the pandemic. Lacey Fehrenbach with the State Department of Health says the pandemics progression is all dependent on what we do. The choices that we make will determine where we are. And those will have amplification effects going forwards and, according to U Dub Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, Infections and Deaths are expected to keep going up well into January of next year. If we all wore a mask, we could cut that prediction by nearly 1500. We have many, many more months before we think, Start to return to normal. And hopefully the vaccines pan out. It was Nick. Papa, I'm

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