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Entrusted each other it is the cultural difference but kind of status difference the careered via fronts and you're she was intrigued by me as much as i was intrigued by her i never thought of gloria as being a water or oh she was pay by brunch was very beautiful she was very intoxicating ray amy and job and youthful well let let's talk a little bit about her fame and she was she was this hollywood fame pay town in the fifties in the '70s you were this 'upandcoming actor dromi picture of going out with her on the town did people recognize her when you were out together well you know she was such a private person and she didn't really kind of like gotten out of town of sirte wasn't are very kind of public uh relationship uh she's to kinda hang out live the kind of life that i was living beyond i lived in london near primrose hail and it's a beautiful part of town and uh we used to walk lofton walked through regent's park and go to local kind of little kind of a restaurant you particularly like the greek tabernacle anti soon and and she was i'm very very very kind of public and of course you know she'd have such a big high profile life in hollywood in the fifties because of the film with a she did and winning the academy award for the badge in the beautiful she did you along with that comes with the fame comes the high profile but she didn't particularly enjoy it she enjoyed the work we she thought of her so very much as a serious working actress and and for her it was all about the work if you're just tuning in you're listening to queue peter turner speaking with me about going public with his extraordinary love affair with great gloria graham who was a hollywood star in the 50s a new film about their relationship is called film stars don't die in liverpool peter this is a clip s when i get you ready for this this is a clip of gloria singing um i came i know from the musical oklahoma egg in nineteen fifty five.

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