Milwaukee, Masahiro Tanaka Ripper, Phillies discussed on Yankees Postgame Show


For the blue jays can win that one everything there's one final today Arizona beat San Francisco sorry ours will be Cincinnati the Cincinnati to nothing Alex young through eight innings of two hit ball and struck out twelve he's three top performer brought to my burden LLP accounted for the visors we listen we solve and we do so the Diamondbacks win means the Dodgers magic number to clinch the NL west remains for the Dodgers are playing the giants later on tonight at the nine ten start. couple games under way with the Rangers leading the l'oreal seven to three there in the third Texas scored six of the first against Baltimore Kansas city Miami one one they're the seven the cardinals with the pirates four to one that's in the fourth the cardinals are play two and a half a head of the cubs in the National League central. meanwhile it's Seattle a one nothing lead still over the Astros the anchors of a half game lead over Houston with today's win for best record overall cubs and brewers are in a scoreless tie cubs as we said two and a half back of the cardinals in the central in that nationally wild card race if the card is only a two game lead over Arizona for better than Milwaukee for better the Mets and Phillies the Mets and Phillies under way at Citi field the Phillies level one nothing lead there in the third the twins have one nothing lead on the Indians that's in the fourth the Iranians are five and a half back the twins meanwhile of loss Michael Pineda for the rest of the season in the post season for a positive test of for a diuretic not considered a PDA but it is on the banned list so he and his suspension was going to be AT games it's reduced to sixty and that's where he stands with twin stand as a whole that five and a half game lead in the central Yankees up to more games left here with Masahiro Tanaka Ripper sold tomorrow night James Paxton one to retrieve his Monday night and then the series continues the trip continues rather to Detroit and then.

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