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Like Steve Bruce, those who look like a classical music composer like Thanos and wenger and those who dress like aging Formula One motor racing drivers. And I just love those three categories because it's still holds true, David. But if you are leading your team out to inspire them, what would you be wearing? I mean, this one surprised you. I'd go, I'd like the blazer and the crest. I think it gives you instant authority. It makes you seem like you belong. It makes you seem like you're there. We've seen some odd crests, the size of the man united crest that Louis van Gogh used to wear was literally larger than the actual blazer. And I think you've seen like the Italian managers and particularly like the way that Roberto Mancini dressed and the entire Italian. Assistant coaching staff at the Euros was superb. I'd love to have a little Italian influence, but I think I'd be going for the club crest sleek dark colors dark blazer looking where I could go for the skinny Diego Simeone tie. But yeah, strong look. I think I've given this a lot of thought and I think I would probably, if I'm being honest with you, go for the black waistcoat new shirt and delete it. And we've tear away. I think you're in the first half. I'd probably lose the waste gate. I'm just pants and bow tie and topless. And I wouldn't want to make it all about me. That's definitely trying to deliver the message of the game ultimately is about the team. Don't look at me. Don't look at me and then around just have to have to rip the pants away and have opposing pouch on these steel and then the pulley the booty goes as we approach injury time just to motivate lads and you know I'm not saying I'd go full Monty, but it depends. Also, gray Rogers, you're saying that your outfit would be about don't look at me. Don't look at me when everything about the outfit is look at me, look at me, look at me. That's pretty much everything you need to know. But I think my tenure would be. I won't be clear. I'm not one of these fans that think there's a great freeze. I can't one of the Brazilian managers of the 1990s lamented that Brazil is a nation of 240 million people in every one of them thinks they know more about football and the Brazilian national team manager. I am not that person. If I were made manager of a football team, it would be a very fleeting tenure and to address to be remembered. And that's on some of the theory behind that thinking. I'd like you to picture you in a sort of a hipster version of Tony pulis. I like you in a sort of a rowing blazers kith version of Tony pulis. I think you'd look good in that. Otherwise it would probably be tuxedo T-shirt. One or the other. I think would be would be the roger approached on the steel. Can be with us any time. You incredible human being, as is, come on up. Off the Greek Nolan cat about where are you almost at the almost a trophy was named after an old and where are you from and what's your question? I'm from Boise Idaho. Big Chelsea fan. And so you kind of touched on it, but I just wanted to know what you think or think that actual reasons are or why Chelsea is a cup team and can't do anything in league because for the most part I can only catch league games and it's really annoying to watch them barely skate out with a draw but then go back and beat Tottenham twice in a row like it's nothing and you know it's kind of a frustrating so I just want to know what you think about that. Oh, great, great great question. Michael Davies. I think one is I just mentioned Chelsea is a very intimidating to play intimidating place to play on a mid week evening. It's just a different atmosphere than it is weekend afternoons in the Premier League. And that's a tough place to go has great history and very tough places for teams to go. Secondly, defense, they focus on defense. They don't concede a lot of goals. And Chelsea do play a slightly more continental style of football. That very secure defense, not committing a huge number of players to the attack. And they play well in every single phase of the game. And the fact that they have got this incredibly large squad that you never know exactly who's going to be playing against you makes them very difficult to prepare to play against. Plus, we've had a lot of managers who notwithstanding that it was Roberto de Matteo, who lifted our first Champions League trophy. We've had, we've had managers who have a great deal of history and experience playing in the sort of elite competitions of Europe. There's another reason we've been very good at the much more than they've had terrific experience when they've joined in the Premier League. Something that's fascinating to me is we forget the beginning of the season. Chelsea looked unbelievable. Cash your back back to those days when we thought we had ourselves a three horse race for the for the Premier League title. They were like a machine. I mean, it was just, it was so dominant at the back and they're moving forward in such an oiled fashion and I can't work out where did that go? How does that evaporate a rich coin route a book about the Chicago Bears in 1985 bears monsters? It's called and there's a player there talking about how there's different kinds of coaches and we've talked about this a couple of times. But he said that there's the penicillin coach who's like a player's coach. You really coddles the players and Ranieri was that kind of player managing meet everybody feel great. He really listened to them he protected them. And. The manager who's like the chemo manager who just blasts everything around them. It's his word. And Mike Ditka was that chemo coach who came in, blasted everything, just shouted at everyone. Just picked the arguments of everyone, challenged everybody, and they all rose for one season, but then he wrote after one season of being a chemo coach, all you can do is continue to blast them. You don't have any other tricks. And there's something very fascinating in that Chelsea culture. There's obviously a real difference between dick here and tuca two is undoubtedly a great tactical mind. But I think he's incredibly wearing to play for. There's a touch of the little finger about two called just the mind games, the politics. It wears you down. And I'm not saying that's the narrative that I see, but it could be the narrative that we've seen and it worked to begin with just unbelievably the impact was seismic, but it's very, very hard to sustain. And his tactical genius can get him through one off matchups, but to sustain it game after game, the league is the most unfair, is the most unforgiving campaign in global football, the Premier League, he just he can not do it and he may never be able to do it under he's really the anti Michael Scott. You're a PCR one of these teams, rod two. They play out when you look at even in cup competitions this year, how hard they struggled.

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