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Boasts. I've ever heard anybody make and it is that you specifically are the forefather of the name. Jalen i'm definitely the oldest jalen on definitely the eldest jalen. There was a time in my life while actually got tease for the nate. There's nobody more brutally honest then kids in the elderly imagine being author four fifth grade skinny kid with patches on his pants and bumps on his face people. Tease me about my name so very much. It became a topic of conversation and got me into a lot of altercations. Actually one of the things my mother did is. She told me that the name jalen was a superpower and so again i give my mother the entire credit for creating the name. There's so many people throughout the world that are making up names for their children. She made a one. That actually stuck so wendy. You start to realize jail in that. The name you have was becoming this whole thing. Like what is your theory about how it went from allegedly just you to now this background noise this name that we all just here all the time. Now i started to realize that jalen was becoming a common name. Once i got to.

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