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Bedford stories. Live from the Matthews brothers studio. One of the texter says, the when the Trump was asked that question. What would you tell the the the people who have to call their landlords? He should've just said I tell those people here's Nancy Pelosi cell phone number or Chuck Schumer's at that would have been a good answer to release Lindsey Graham cell phone number when on Nancy's or Chuck's eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. Joe you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Joe? Good. I appreciate. Putting your foot down and line on the Democrats want to funding for the wall. Why did he do this two years ago when he came into office when the Republicans had the house at the center, I would think you would have? Better walk. Two years ago instead of waiting go. Democrats are they're not gonna we're not gonna bar Jonah. Explain why two years ago. That's a good question. Joe? And you I think you probably know the answer Paul Ryan wanted a wall about as much as Nancy Pelosi dead. I mean, that's the reality of it. Right. But don't you think he he would have better walk with dealing with the Republicans two years ago? Then you're going to have to deal with the the Democrats now. Yeah, I think so I think that they just didn't seem like, and again, I am Coulter would be all over me for saying this. But it didn't seem like it was that pressing of an issue. I mean, he was trying to get the job done through through other methods. You know, through y you know, threatening the cutoff age through the the Muslim majority nation six-nation travel ban. He was trying to cut off immigration and in other ways. But there's nothing was working. I mean, they they have to have a wall. I mean, there's no question about it. It's true. It's. Yeah. You I mean, you you raise a good point. And maybe he should have done it. But he. Other other things have other things he had to deal with to you know, like the like these trade agreements that were killing the country and getting through tax cuts and. You know, getting getting to people appointed to the supreme court getting dozens of people appointed to the district courts in the appellate courts. He's always have other other fish to fry and he's got a lot done even Mitt Romney that stupid op Ed piece for the for the Washington Post admitted that the he's accomplished a hell of a lot. Thanks for the call, Joe, Susie. You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead Suzie, I'm from Vermont. And of course, you know, I have no representation in the government because of our politics that we have in the state is warning. We all called representatives and senators this weekend and told them that we supported the wall, and we support President Trump's. Suzy though, when you came out of the box, you made the you made the exact point that you have no representation. Do you think a phone call to Bernie Sanders or Pat Lahey is going to get them get them their minds changed and decide that the g we really do need a wall. Well, I don't think it's going to change their minds, but many will you know. Irritate. You know, there are those of us in Vermont that support the president. I support is agenda. Is it? I I don't I we all are Suzy. Isn't it ironic though that Bernie Sanders? I mean, he used to be used to talk about how we had to protect the American workers in good union jobs, and all that kind of stuff he talked. He talked a a fairly good talk on on the legal immigration at one point just like Hillary Clinton, just like the Gloser down there. And I wondering what he's done other laid millions of dollars. Yeah. No, exactly. Well, he say he set up a campaign in two thousand sixteen where sexual harassment was rampant. And then and then he did you see I got another question. I don't get a hold of Trump. How do we call him and tell him that we support him? But we don't want him to cave. Just follow him on Twitter, and like his accounts and re post everything on Facebook. And I think that's I think he knows that he's got half the country behind him, you know, even in even in places like Vermont and Massachusetts, there's a huge percentage of the people back him up. Thanks for the call Suzy eight four four five hundred forty two forty two Lauren you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Lauren. Hey, Halley wish well on your arm. Thank you. I think Trump and Sarah Huckleberry sandwich should tell those the press. Three words go to hell, did you hear that one F Trump how he said Mexico's gonna pay for the wall, and they explained it thoroughly. And then another one turn around and ask them the same question. I know we played the we played the second one. But I mean, don't you think it's effective though? I mean to to fire up the base. I mean, you watch those you watch those questions, and you know, I'm I'm a reporter. But no report of my entire life. I mean, I'm I'm just shocked at the at the lack of respect than just the fact that they're asking the same stupid questions over and over again. It's I think I think it's good. I think it's you know. You know, he's he's like he's like a guy a lion tamer walking into the cage with with a chair and a and a weapon. He's just you know, he's fighting them off. I think it's good dealt a bunch of troublemakers. That's what I think they are. Absolutely. Thanks for the call Lord. Eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two how about Trump on steel versus concrete again, they thought this. They think this is a high crime or misdemeanor that he said originally that the wall was going to be made out of concrete. And then today, he said the wall could be made out of steel cut. Sixteen steel is stronger than concrete if I build this wall or fence or anything the Democrats need to call it because I'm not into names I'm into production. I'm into something that works if I build a steel wall rather than a concrete. Well, it will actually be stronger than a conquer Steelers stronger. Concrete K case, you you could check it out. President Trump weren't you sort of under oath when you set out on the campaign trail over and over again around the country that you would build a concrete wall. You lied to the American people. That's basically what they were asking him later on. Okay. Let's have another reporter question. Cut number eleven. Can you explain to federal employees of the agencies that are closed which are not homeland security? Why those agencies should should stay close. Homeland security is significant of itself. If it stay close because we want to do what's right? And we wanna do it all at one time. We don't want to take it in pieces. We just don't want to do that. And doc is going to be a great subject. I look forward to discussing it. We'll discuss it at another time. But there are a lot of great things that can happen with Dhaka if the Democrats want to do that. Doc is the dreamers. He's already offered them a deal on DACA, and they didn't want it because they wanted it as an issue for the midterm elections. So you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. So high Halley reported the morons anyway. But which in all the businesses that left, Mexico, and all we income that came back to this country. Mexico is paying for the wall. They not getting that income from the businesses. I'm so sick and tired of these people saying Mexico paying for the wall. They're paying for the wall and the reporters morons they don't know what they're talking about the disgraceful disgusting. People. They don't they don't care about the facts, you don't you don't move up through the ranks anymore in journalism in national journalism. Beltway journalism by by being a shoe leather. Reporter you you through the ranks yelling seventies and eighties sixty seven to the eighties and we had reporters back then they're morons today. Their brain dead. Thank you. How we end great job. Thanks. And again, I've said this before, but you know, the the old farm system has broken down for journalism. It used to be you started out at a small newspaper or media market. Be more small market TV station, and you sort of learned how to cover the courthouse. The police beat the county commissioners. You'll learn how to get along with people and not get along with people if they were in your way nowadays, they they come. They just come out of the the Capitol Hill offices of Democrats, all these people are are not. Reporters. Their former democrat operatives George Stephanopoulos, Jake tapper. What's his name Maynard G Krebs their Chuck Todd? There's all these guys worked for democrat politicians. And that's that's all they know. That's that's the that's the training ground. If you're if you're if you're an aide to a democrat, congressman, you can break in at one of these media companies, but if you're just a reporter from Kansas City, probably not unless you're one of the cells, burgers, then they send you to Kansas City for seasoning for a couple of months, and then they bring you back and put you in charge of the Trump derangement syndrome, New York Times, Elaine, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Elaine. Well, howie. I'm wondering. Representatives down there and the great city Washington DC because they get paid during the shutdown. I believe they do away. Eight. You know, they can go along great folks regular, folks. Get shut down, and we wouldn't have our money. Why do they have their? I I said earlier, you know, that all these all these moon bats that are texting and you know, posting on social media. They're all crying crocodile tears for these federal workers. Are they are they concerned about all the people in the restaurant industry who are losing their jobs because of the new higher minimum wage? We just had a restaurant here in Boston Durgin park. It's been open for almost two hundred years. And again, it's I it's gone downhill. There's no question about it. You know, all restaurants, you know, have have life spans in this this far outlasted its lifespan, but they're going out of business on January twelve and they said one of the main reasons is because we have these new minimum wage loss. And this is the same thing that's happened. In San Francisco, the same thing that's happened in Seattle. They raise the minimum wage, and guess what happens. The restaurants have to raise the prices people. Stop going out to restaurants. Or if you're in a fast food restaurant, and the minimum wage is is raised. They they start automating the the workers out of jobs, a seven seven four is a good point. Trump should have said if you work for a company that's over twenty trillion in debt, you should be aware of your paycheck and stop any minute. Got twenty two trillion dollars in debt, and we're running a one million dollar one trillion dollars one trillion dollar deficit this year. Yeah. I mean, we got we got some problems here. And again, they're going to get paid when the shutdown ends, and the they are going to get I I wish they were getting paid. I wish every I don't want anybody to be without a job. But they your average federal worker makes a lot more money than your average busboy at Durgin park or your average person working at the takeout window at McDonald's or Burger King. And they could be laid off at any moment to thanks for the call, Elaine, Michael, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Michael. Hey, good afternoon. How are you? Good. Why was calling you know, I listened the other day on on the television about the the budget impasse because of the the border wall. And I here's what I wanted to share with you. Currently the United States our foreign aid package right now, they say is about fifty four billion dollars and the Democrats want to add another sixty billion dollars in foreign aid to that package. So they don't want to give a dime for the wall. So I'll come Democrats a democratic voters can't see if they if Democrats want fourteen billion more to give away. To help our to furnish aid to foreign countries. Why will they not give this money for the border wall to protect American citizens? Michael, you know, the answer to that question, the Democrats and their core constituencies hate, Donald Trump, and the people who voted for him all sixty three sixty five million of us deplorable irredeemable bitter, bitter Clinger's more than they hate the illegal alien, criminals and terrorists who are swarming across the border. They that's all all they want to do is win. They have the there's no nothing else. Other than winning..

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