Assault, Justice Department, FBI discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


I it's the nature of the the game a just go back to your booked what worries me is just the assault he's real it's really an assault on the institution of of the justice department the fbi the rule of law it's not just bob moller it it suggests that the whole system is rant there are people who are arguing now that there were some within the fbi that had a view i if they believe that they have a right to say and i will defend the right to say i may not agree but i will defend the right to say but don't mess with muller let him do his work i think muller will to his work and and the president would be a mistake to fire him to try and i'm not going to try to give advice and and nobody should try to impede the investigation but i think you're seeing the system work but i do want to say david if people have views if people in congress are concerned about what fusion gps swiss doing then they ought to be asking that question and the idea that because people are asking questions about the other side that there's some how an attack on the institutions that seems to be wrongheaded bob i somewhere at it had a uh a long list of republican contributions doesn't bother me he's an american exercising his his rights so should the fact that one of the fbi officials has a wife who's running for office and has to happen to be a democrat should that be i fully believe that those who have responsibility for oversight can ask whatever they wished to ask them let's let's talk about north korea another headache that you shared for absolutely quite a long time you know the president has said he'd be pretty harsh about all the previous administrations and he it to some degree disney ever point many efforts have been made none of them have stopped the forward momentum absolutely has a point.

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